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#1. they were the first to hold the very first olympic games


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Q: What are the top facts about ancient Greece?
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What are facts about ancient Greece olmypics?

it was in Greece and it was ancient

What are the facts about ancient greece?

Ancient Greece had around 100 city states!

What are some What are facts about ancient Greece?

Did you know that Ancient Greece was the ones who started the Olympics! Well they did.

What are 8 facts about Ancient Greece?

They have had many kings

Give you facts about Santorini volcano?

It is by ancient Greece

Two climate facts about ancient greece?

The peninsula of ancient Greece was synonymous with a Mediterranean climate. It experienced hot and dry summers.

Did Greece have the best army of ancient or 2010 Greece?

Greece is currently in the top 3 ranking (military) in the world. Greece was the strongest military in ancient Greece too.

Who is on top of the ancient Greece social structure?

The very top is the Ruler.

What are some ancient Greece facts that starts with V or Y?

v for vage

What did they do in the ancient Greece?

If you want to find out almost anything about Ancient Greece, go to the box next to answers, type in Ancient Greece, then press GO. Many facts about many topics on Ancient Greece will come up an hopefully you will find your answer in the text that it offers. There are many paragraphs of information given.

What are facts about long-jump?

Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

What are facts about ancient Greece Olympics?

the men did not wear anything because they only did it in the summer

Where was mount Olypus in ancient Greece?

It was supposedly the home of the Gods, on top of Mount Olympus in Western Greece.

What are facts about ancient Greece's location?

Some facts about the ancient Greece's location include its location in the continent of Europe, near the Mediterranean Sea,and surrounded by other seas including sea of Crete, sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea.

What are five facts about ancient Greece olympic equestrian games?

One fact - there were no ancient Greek Olympic Equestrian Games

Where did formal theater begin?

In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

Facts about ancient Greece education?

that when the Greeks went to school you would usually do mostly PE!

Where is the phoneagraph in Poptropica?

the phonagraph is on top of the treasury in ancient greece, the time with the oracle in it.

Is ancient Greece and Greece the same thing?

no Greece now has different imports and exports then ancient Greece. and ancient Greece is Greece int the past.

What was the significance of honor and glory in the ancient Greek world?

the temple ruins on top of what symbolize the glories of ancient greece

What are facts about Doric Order architecture?

Very good, start of Architecture in Ancient Greece and the simplest order

Where did yodeling come from?

ancient Greece ancient Greece

What was the population in ancient Greece?

what was the population of the ancient Greece

What rivers were in Ancient Greece?

There were no rivers in Ancient Greece.

What was in ancient Greece?

The Olympics were invented in Ancient Greece