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She got released because she made her debut in 2007 and had a five year contract that ended in 2012 plus she is rich enough she does not need to do it anymore if she wants to wrestle again kellly kelly will move to tna

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no she didnt get fired its a storyline thing she'll probably be back next week, its just like what happened with John Cena he came back like 2 hours later.

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She wasn't released she just needed a brake because she has been Wrestling since she was 19

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Kelly Kelly is the stage name of former WWE wrestler Barbara Jean Blank. She left wrestling after she requested time off and was then let go when she did not return when she said she would.

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Q: Why did kelly kelly get fired on WWE smackdown?
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Did kelly kelly get fired from WWE smackdown?


Did kelly kelly fight in WWE?

Yes in ECW,Raw,and Smackdown

Is kelly kelly really fired from smackdown?

I thinks she is! she should go to Tna

Is kelly kelly rehired at WWE?

She was never fired it was storyline

Has Kelly Kelly been fired from the WWE?

No, she has not. Her being fired by Vicki Guerrero was kayfabe (fake).

Who is the girl in smackdown vs raw 2009 commercial?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

Who is the best WWE Smackdown or Raw female fighter?

kelly kelly cause she is hot

Who should challenge naomi for the WWE smackdown women's championship aj lee or kelly kelly?

Kelly kelly

Is Kelly Kelly hired for the WWE?

Yes, Kelly was only fired as part of a storyline.

Will Kelly Kelly Join back on smackdown?

She hasn't really been fired. It's just a storyline.

Is kelly kelly on raw or smackdown?

Neither, because she got fired recently. No she did not get fired!!! She asked for her release big difference, she has other intrests than wrestling.

Is kelly kelly coming back to WWE in late 2011?

Kelly Kelly is back already. She was just fired 1 week.