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Q: Why did fans not want Wrigley Field lights?
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Why didn't fans want Wrigley Field to get lights?

Mostly the people that lived around the ballpark didn't want the night games as they were afraid that it would bring unwanted elements and noise to their residential neighborhood. The city even passed an ordinance which prohibited night events at Wrigley.

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How can you get a photo of the Wrigley Field sign with your name on it?

:What? Alright u have to talk to the Cubs organization and pay for it if u want it to be real. If you don't care then use a picture of the sign and photoshop it.

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What teams have played at Wrigley Field?

Actually every National League baseball team from 1916 to present) and every NFL team (from 1921 to 1970) played in Wrigley Field, BUT I think you want to know what teams hosted games their. If so, here's what I have: Tenants Chicago Whales (FL) (1914-1915) Chicago Cubs (MLB) (1916-present) Chicago Tigers (APFA) (1920) Chicago Bears (NFL) (1921-1970) Chicago Sting (NASL) (1977-1979)

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