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to find the next champion or ruler

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Q: Why did ancient Greece hold the Olympics games?
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Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

Why did the ancient Greeks hold the olympic games?

The ancient Greeks organized the ancient Olympics as a dedication to god Zeus. The event was held in the Olympia plains in Greece.

Where does the olympics bring peace?

In ancient Greece every four years all wars would be put on hold while the Olympic games took place.

Why is Greece first on the list in the opening ceremony?

Because Greece was the first country to hold the olympic games The ancient Greeks created and were the first to host the Olympics. That's why the Olympic games held 8 years ago in Greece was such a meaningful and historic event.

What was the first city to host the Olympics?

The first city to hold the modern Olympic Games was Athens, Greece in 1896.

What are the top facts about ancient Greece?

#1. they were the first to hold the very first olympic games #2.

How did the ancient Olympics affect warfare that might have been going on Greece?

All war rules were put on hold. People were allowed to cross boundaries for the sake of the games without penalty or fear of death.

What games did they hold in the Olympics?


What ancient Greek structure could hold up to 14000 people?

What structure in ancient Greece could hold 14000 people

Why did the Greece hold the Olympics?

Part of a religious ceremony in honour of the god Zeus held at his temple at Olympia in Elis, southern Greece.

When did England last hold the Olympics?

The 1948 Summer Games.

What country will hold the Olympics Games in 2012?

The 2012 Olympics will be held at London, England, in the UK.

What happened when wars were being fought in Greece during the ancient Olympic games?

A truce was called and the war was put on hold until the end of the games (:i Hope it helped you if your doing flvs ^-^

When did England hold the Olympics?

The Summer Olympics were held in 1908 and 1948 in London. London is also scheduled to hold the 2012 Summer Games. == ==

What year did Greece hold the first Olympic Games?

776 B.C.

What was the first country to hold the Olympic games?

The first country was Greece.

Where in the world would be a good place to hold the winter Olympics games?

Well the best place i think to place the winter Olympics games are Colorado.

Why did the Greeks hold the Olympics games?

Because they searched for excellence of every type.

What is a good place to hold the winter Olympics games?

Lake Placid, NY

Did Sarajevo hold any Olympics?

Yes in 1984, winter Olympic games.

Why did the ancient Greeks hold the Olympian Games?

The ancient Greeks would hold the Olympic games to honor Zeus. They would come together every four years to honor him.

Did japan ever hold the Olympics?

Yes they did hold the Olympics :)

How were ancient Greece gods worshiped?

Ancient Greek Gods were worshipped through prayer and sacrifices. When I mean sacrifices I mean like food and offerings. Sometimes they would hold festivals in honor of them too. But of you didn't know the Olympics were also held in honor of the gods too.

Why did the Roman Olympics end?

There were not any Roman Olympics. The Romans did not hold the Olympics. The Olympics were Greek games. They continued during Roman rule in Greece. It is not certain when the games were abolished. One hypothesis is that they were abolished in 393 AD by the emperor Theodosius I, a Christian Roman emperor who banned pagan practices. He would have regarded the Olympics as a pagan practice. Another hypothesis is that they were abolished in in 426 AD by Theodosius II, an emperor who ordered the destruction of all Greek temples.

Did Malta ever hold the Olympics?

No, Malta is to small to hold the Olympics.