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Tom's sport is diving. He has competed in diving since aged 7.

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Q: Why did Tom Daley decide to do diving in the olympics?
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Related questions

Who was Tom Daley's diving partner in the Olympics?

In the 2012 Olympics he is diving with Peter Waterfield.

Is Tom Daley in the Olympics?

Yes, Tom competes in Diving.

What is Tom Daley doing for the 2012 Olympics?


Is Tom Daley in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Tom will be Diving in the London Olympics for Great Britain.

Who is tom daley and what did he do?

Tom Daley is an 18 year old boy and his hobby is diving that h did in the 2012 Olympics in London

What does the Olympics mean to Tom Daley?

The Olympics and diving is Tom's life work. He is training to perfect his diving in time for London 2012 and maybe in 2016 also.

Did Tom Daley win any medals in the London 2012 Olympics?

Tom Daley wins diving bronze medal for Great Britain at the Summer Olympics 2012.

What diving is Tom Daley doing in the Olympics?

10 metre platform.

Did Tom Daley support other teams in the Olympics diving?

yes he did

Why did Tom Daley appear in the Olympics?

because he pasted his British diving competition

Who is Tom Daley's diving partner?

For the London Olympics 2012 it will be Pete Waterfield.

How did Tom Daley sign up for the Olympics?

Tom was already diving in other teams before he was recommended for the Olympics. Tom always wanted to be an Olympian.

Why did Tom Daley enter the Olympics?

Because he is in the top of his Countries sporting elite for Diving.

What did Tom Daley do?

tom Daley done diving

What date is Tom Daley diving?

Tom has just finished his Diving events at the London 2012 Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the 10 meter platform event.

What kind of diving considered the fastest?

Tom daley is the best diver and the fastest diver ever and he is participating in the olympics 2012 hopefully he will win the diving computation

Which Olympic team was Tom Daley in?

Tom Daley was in the Great Britain Diving team.

Which sport is Tom Daley famous for?

Tom is famous for his High Diving and Synchronised Diving.

Where does Tom Daley go diving?

Plymouth Diving Club

What is Tom Daley's profession?


What does Tom Daley like?


When did Tom Daley become a diver?

Tom Daley took a interest in diving when he was swimming with his dad at a local pool, at aged 7 & saw some people diving and he started diving after that.

What pool does Tom Daley go to?

Tom Daley trains at Plymouth Diving Pool in Central Park.

In what discipline is Tom Daley world champion?

Tom Daley is a British Olympic contender in the sport of Diving.

What is Tom Daley famous for?

Tom is famous for his Diving competitions.