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Tom Daley - diver - was born on 1994-05-21.

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Q: When was Tom Daley - diver - born?
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Is tom daley french?

Tom daley the diver is from england. Tom daley the footballer is fom england. Tom daley the baseballer is from california.

What does Tom Daley do in the Olympics?

Tom is an Olympic Diver.

What country did tom daley come from?

Tom Daley the British Diver comes from England.

Who was an Olympic diver in the UK?

tom daley

Is Tom Daley an athlete?

Tom Daley is an Olympic Diver and will be performing for Britain in the 2012 London Olympics.

Is Tom Daley the best men diver?


Does Tom Daley the diver enjoy his job?


Is Tom Daley the diver married?

No Tom is single for the foreseeable future.

How old was Tom Daley when he became a diver?

He was 12 years old when he became a diver

Is Tom Daley the number 1 UK male diver?

Yes he is a champion Diver.

How many brothers does the diver Tom Daley have?

Tom has two brothers, Will and Ben.

Which Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver.

Is Tom Daley a Pig?

No he is not a pig, he is an olympic class Diver.

Is Tom Daley hot?

Tom Daley is a very fit British Olympic Diver in his prime. He is also handsome and hot.

Is Tom Daley American?

Depends which Tom Daley you're referring to. The Olympian and current World Champion 10M platform diver is British. Tom Daley the Baseballer is American.

How fast is Tom Daley?

Tom is a diver not a swimmer in competition. Speed is not measured in diving.

What is Tom Daley's sport?

Tom is an Olympic High Diver for Great Britain and England.

What is Tom Daley's official Bebo address?

Tom Daley, the Olympic diver has closed his Bebo address. He does have Twitter and Facebook though.

How do you get a tan like british diver Tom Daley?

tanning salon

What does diver Tom Daley wear while diving?

A speedo :P

What would Tom Daley want to be if he was not a diver?

Tom would be a Gymnast if he wasn't a Diver. He is looking at TV work as a presenter also.

What inspired Tom Daley to become a diver?

Tom Daley was inspired by watching the high divers at his swimming pool in Plymouth where he began his career.

How old is Tom Daley?

UK Olympic diver Thomas "Tom" Daley is 23 years old (birthdate: May 21, 1994).

Who first inspired Tom Daley?

Tom was first inspired by Alexandre Despatie, the Canadian diver.

Did Tom Daley want to be a diver when he was young?

Yes, ever since he was seven.