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Because they gave NASCAR more money.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-08 20:21:32
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Q: Why did NASCAR change to Sunoco gas?
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Related questions

How much does the gas used in NASCAR cost?

The price of the Sunoco 260 GTX is nine dollars and twenty cents per gallon.

What fuel does NASCAR use for its cars?

NASCAR to Use Unleaded Fuel in 2008. NASCAR announced that NASCAR teams would switch to unleaded fuel by the start of the 2008 season. This is a significant development for NASCAR teams as they have long been the target of environmental groups. This change is possible because researchers at Sunoco have developed Sunoco 260 GTX a new fuel formula that does not damage racing engines. Beginning in 2011, Nascar started to use Sunoco Green E15 racing fuel. This is a renewable fuel blended with 15 percent American-made ethanol from American-grown corn.

Does NASCAR have gas allowance for a race?

I believe they still can get all that they need, un-regulated, however, the fuel is charged to the team, or the sponser, and is paid for to Sunoco.

What is the name of the gas used in NASCAR?

The official fuel of Nascar is Sunoco 260 GTXracing gasoline. It is a 98 octane unleaded fuel, specifically engineered for high-performance engines.

Who has been the official fuel supplier for NASCAR?

Sunoco has been the official fuel supplier for Nascar since 2004.

Does Sunoco Inc have any gasolines without ethanol?

all the sunoco gas stations here in fl are ethanol free.

What type of fuel do NASCAR drivers use?

Nascar uses Sunoco Green E15. This is a 98 octane blend with 15% ethanol made from US grown corn. It is specifically made for Nascar.

What American gas station is the most expensive?


Is Sunoco 260 GTX gas any worse for the air than regular gas?


Where can someone set up a Sunoco account online?

One can set up a Sunoco account online by visiting the official Sunoco website. Sunoco offers a 'Rewards Credit Card' that allows users to receive cash back on their gas purchases, among other things.

What kind of fuel does a Nascar race car use?

Up until the 2008 season Nascar used leaded fuel. Beginning in 2009 and for the very first time NASCAR will use unleaded fuel. It is unleaded, Sunoco 260 GTX.

Who sings the theme song for sunoco fuel and nascar on speed channel?

Airbourne sings the song, it's called Lets Ride.

Why does your 2000 Ford Focus keeps turning off on you when you drive for a mile?

Fuel filter is cloggeg with trash from garbage gas. Change the fuel filter and... Buy Sunoco.

When was Sunoco created?

Sunoco was created in 1886.

What gas station in Indianapolis sells the legal bath salts?

sunoco gas station on 34th and keystone ave, IN46218

Which gas stations have a Qualifying Merchant Category Code?

walmart(murphy oil), shell, sunoco

Tampa sunoco gas station 56 street and slihg ave?

What's the question? BTW the name of the avenue is Sligh. Sunoco was in Florida in a big way until the 70s and then pulled out. They came back to Florida in the late 90s when they purchased Coastal Gas stations.

Is there a maximum amount of gas that can be used or allowed per Nascar race?

No there is no maximum in NASCAR.

How many gallons does the pit crew gas can hold in Nascar racing?

The Nascar gas can holds 11 gallons of fuel.

Who owns sunoco oil co?

Sunoco is owned by Sunoco. Used to be known as Sun Oil Company. They are located in Philadelphia. Founded in 1886 I believe

Does Sunoco gas station accept discover card?

I'm pretty sure it does. But I would look it up online if I were you.

Who owns or where does the oil come from for the following gas stations BP Phillips Sunoco Conoco Sinclair and Hess?


Your ford focus stalls after being in traffic for an hour what is wrong?

Change your fuel filter and buy your gas at a Sunoco, instead of Sheetz, Wawa and other high volume gas stores. The "crap" in the underground tanks doesn't have time to settle before they're dumping in more gas to stir it back up, so it goes in your gas tank. Their filters don't catch the small stuff your fuel filter does, so YOU get their trash. We use Sunoco (an AMERICAN company, by the way) and have NEVER had that problem since we switched to them, from the "quick stops."

How much gas does NASCAR use in a year?

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What was the quickest 4 tire and gas pit stop in Nascar?

Most of the time the pit crews do a 4 tire change and add a full tank of gas in about 12-14 seconds.