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Answer Cassius didn't want to fight against people who did him no harm.

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Q: Why did Muhammed Ali refuse to go to Vietnam?
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Why did Muhammad Ali refuse to go to the military?

He refused to be drafted in the army during the Vietnam war because it went against Islam.

Did muhammed ali go to school?


Why did muhammed Ali go to jail?

muhammed ali went to jail because he felt that he shouldent have to serve his country if he dosent get rigths

Why did Muhammad Ali refuse to go to war?

because of religious beliefs

Muhammad Ali was suspended for what?

Refusing to go to Vietnam when drafted.

What fight was muhammed Ali's last?

Ali lost a 10 round decision in 1981 to Trevor Berbick. The decision was unamimous. Berbick would go on to lose his title to Tyson.

Which school did muhammed ali go to?

According to Encyclopedia of African American History, Muhammad Ali (who was called Cassius Clay at the time) attended the all-black Central High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

What did Muhammad Ali do to go against the Vietnam war?

To go against the Vietname War, Muhammad Ali and applied for Conscientious Objector exemption status from the draft, claiming status as a religious minister.

Why did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight?

I assume you mean why didn't he go to Vietnam? He was a conscientious objector to the war, and didn't believe in killing other people (even though he wouldn't have been in combat - only giving exhibitions and making personal appearances).

Did ali loose his title for refusing to go to Vietnam?

Temporairily, for refusing induction. You had to be inducted (drafted) into the service BEFORE you went to RVN (Republic South Vietnam).

What school's did muhammed ali jinnah go to?

he was too much intelligent and hardworking that he did not need to go to any dumb place like school or college he was taught at home by his father jinnah poonja.

When did prophet muhammed go for hajj?

The 10th year of Hijrah. Allah prescribed Hajj on the 9th year of Hijrah but the Prophet (PBUH) was not able to go. Though Abu Bakr r.a., Ali r.a., and some other men did.

What nicknames does Shuaib Muhammed Kedar go by?

Shuaib Muhammed Kedar goes by Shuaib.

Why was Muhammad Ali suspended from boxing from 1967-1970?

For refusing to be drafted to go to VietNam. Some say that his status was changed so that he would be picked.

What nicknames does Muhammed Lawal go by?

Muhammed Lawal goes by King Mo Lawal, and King Mo.

Refuse to go along with refuse to follow?


Why did Muhamaad have to give up his belt in 1967?

because there was a war between America and Vietnam and mohammed ali refused to go war so he was striped from his title.

Why did Muhammed go to Mecca?

He was born in Mecca

What is the definition of ebullient?

Cheerful and full of energy.... sometimes used of people about to go into action in some way, as rhe favourite to come out on top. Muhammed Ali was a classic case of ebulliance - both befre and after his fight.

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Mahershala Ali goes by Ali.

What nicknames does Ali Adler go by?

Ali Adler goes by Ali.

What nicknames does Ali Chappell go by?

Ali Chappell goes by Ali.

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