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That is not always true. A lot of times you can have up to twelve or more players on each team.

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Q: Why are there only five players on defense and five players on offense in dodge ball?
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How many players do you have to have on the line on offense and defense in football line on offense and defense?

There has to be 11 players on offense and Defence for every play. There has to be at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball. This applies to both offense and defence

Things that come in sets of eleven?

There are 11 football players on each side of the ball (offense and defense)

How many people on offense in basketball?

5 people on offense and defense, they have to be the same players, and if you want to substitute someone, you have to wait for the next dead ball

In basketball what does offense mean?

Offense means the team with the ball is on offense. And the team without the ball is on defense.

What do you call the team with the ball?

Offense and Defense. Offense being the team in possesion of the ball.

How many players in football are allow to be on the field at a time?

The offense and the defense can each have 11 players on the field. If they have 12 ormore players on the field when the ball is snapped they are penalized.

What is the team with the ball in football?

if you have the ball in your possession then your on offense if not your on defense

What is affense is soccer?

Did you mean offense? You are on offense when your team has the ball. The goal, when on offense, is to take the ball down the field and score a goal. The opposite of offense would be defense. You are on defense when the opposing team has the ball. The goal when on defense is to prevent the other team from scoring a goal. Hope this helped.

If your team has the ball is it offense or defense?


In football if the offense has the ball on fourth down and fumbles then the defense fumbles in the exact same place where they picked up the ball and the offense gets it back whose ball is it?

As long as there was a clear change of possession to the defense before they fumbled the ball back to the offense, then the offense would keep the ball and get a new set of downs. If the defense fumbled the ball back to the offense without ever establishing possession, then the ball would go over to the defense on downs. The only way the offense could retain possession in this case is if the ball ended up beyond the first-down marker when the offense finally recovered.

What happens on the fourth down in football?

If the offense team misses or failed to gain 10 yards, the defense will take over the ball thus changing the defense to be on offense and offense to be on defense.

What is the best offense against a defense that traps out of a 2-3 zone?

The best offense to run against a trapping zone defense to quick ball movement involving cuts from players on the wings into the paint where the zone is the weakest is in the middle

Does offense or defense control the ball and run plays?

In football The offence and defense both run plays but the offence has the ball

What does interception mean?

When the defense catches the ball instead of the offense.

In flag football what's the difference between offense and defense?

The difference is that offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when you want to get the ball or tackle but in your case your going to rip the flag of the other person.

What are special teams?

Just like you have players that play on offense, players that play on defense, Special Teams are the players that play on kicking plays (for example kicking a field goal or punting the ball and also for kickoffs and kickoff returns).

What is a football teams defense?

A defense is the opposite of offense they stop the offense from touchdowns,passes and etc. If the offense fumbles the football they got a ready to recover it. They can also catch a ball called a intercepation.

How many players are on the court in a Dodge Ball game?

5 players

When a defense intercepts and advances the football are they technically still a defense or an offense?

They are technically offense now and to adhere to offensive rules. Blocking, laterals, ball possession, etc....

What is it called when a defense that has players guard an area of the floor in baseket ball?

Zone Defense

What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. On offense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket. On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the other team from scoring.

Famous dodge ball players?

michal costana

What is offensive and defense?

The offense is whoever has possession of the ball trying to advance into their opponents endzone. The defense is the team trying to stop them.

What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

Why does Notre Dame have two number fives on their football team?

It is common for teams to have players with the same number, but NCAA rules state that they must be on offense and defense, not on the same side of the ball.