Why are there no women in baseball?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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There are plenty of women in Baseball, just not as players, managers and coaches on the field.

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Q: Why are there no women in baseball?
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How many women's college baseball teams are there?

none. Colleges have softball but not baseball for women.

Are women currently playng professional football or baseball?

In Candada there is no professional women's football or baseball.

When was Women's Baseball World Series created?

Women's Baseball World Series was created in 2001.

When was Women's Baseball Association Korea created?

Women's Baseball Association Korea was created in 2007.

Can women play baseball?

No but they can make sandwiches for baseball players

Who are some women baseball players?

there are none: women play softball

Do women play baseball?

Of course.

Is there professional baseball for women?


How was women's baseball affected by World War 2?

baseball was lost because baseball is a mans game and women were horrible at playing it and should never play it again

Do girls play baseball too?

Yes women play baseball.

How many women watch baseball?

There is not any official data as to how many women watch baseball in the world. It is most likely that there are millions.

Why did they create a women baseball league?

they didn't want to discremenate the women from the men