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The Olympic games are being passed onto London during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as London are next to host the Olympics in 2012.

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Q: Why are the Olympic games being passed onto London again?
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Where are the 2012 olympic games being held?


Where are the olympic games being held in 2012?


Where abouts in London are the 2012 London olympic games being held?


Where is the majority of London Olympic events being held?


Where and when are the winter olympic games being held this year?


Which country next Olympic are being held?

London in the UK.

Where is the 2012 summer Olympic games being played?


In which city are the 2012 Olympic games being held?


Where in London are they being held?

July 27 Olympic Stadium

Where is the Olympics being held IN LONDON?

July 27 Olympic Stadium

Where in London is the Olympics being held?

July 27 Olympic Stadium

What city are the 2012 summer olympic games being held in?

London. Yay!

What part of London in 2012 is the olympic stadium being built?

Tokio ma

What city and country are the 2012 Olympic games being held in?

London, Great Britain.

Where in London are the Olympics?

AnswerThey will be held at a new Olympic complex being built at Stratford in London's East End.Answerit is held in London and will be at wembely stadiumAnswer cYou are wrong Answer bThe location of the London olympic stadium will be in marshgate lane in Stratford, London, Great Britain. The expected completion of the stadium will be in 2012.

Is the London olympic venues being torn down?

After the Games, some of the new facilities will be reused in their Olympic form, while others will be resized or relocated

Where the 2012 Olympics are being held?

The 2012 summer Olympic games were held in London, Great Britain.

Where will the 2012 Olympic summer games be held?

They are to be held in London, UK.The building of the necessary new sports facilities that are required has already commenced.The 2012 Olympic Games were held in London, England. The area that they were held at was Stretford, East London. But this was not the first time that they were held in London. They were held in 1908 and 1948. London is considered to be the only city to have held the Olympic Games three times so far.The next Olympic Games are being held in Rio De Janiero, Brazil in 2016.In 2012 the Olympics will be held in London United Kingdom.The 2012 Olympics were awarded to London. The Olympic stadium is being built in Stratford - which is actually in Essex, to the east of London.London.London I guess you are talking of Olympics 2012. They are going to be at London.The 2012 summer Olympics games will be held in london this will be a great thingThe 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London, England.

What Olympic events will be held outside London in the 2012 Olyimpics?

There are 6 sports being staged out side of London, as you can see form the related link below.

Where are the summer Olympic games being held this year?

The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held from July 27 to August 12 in London.

Will the Olympic park in London be closed down now it's 2013?

It's in the process of being re-furbished and will then be open to the public.

Where is the 2012 Olympic Volleyball being held?

The indoor volleyball competition is taking place at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, in west London, and the beach volleyball tournament is being held at Horse Guards Parade in central London.

What location are the track and field events for the summer Olympics in 2012 held?

The track and field athletics events are being held at the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2ST

Where in London are the olympic games being held?

The main focus of the games will be a new Olympic Park in Stratford in the east of London.The Games also make use of many other venues in and arond the capital.

Are the 2012 Olympics being helds in London?

Yes, the 2012 games were awarded to London, events are mainly in suburbs of London with the Olympic stadium being built in Stratford (not the one where Shakespeare came from!), Stratford is in East London. Some events (for example football) being held throughout the UK - some games are held in a different country (Scotland) from that which host the main games (England).