Where is the majority of London Olympic events being held?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Where is the majority of London Olympic events being held?
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What Olympic events will be held outside London in the 2012 Olyimpics?

There are 6 sports being staged out side of London, as you can see form the related link below.

Are the 2012 Olympics being helds in London?

Yes, the 2012 games were awarded to London, events are mainly in suburbs of London with the Olympic stadium being built in Stratford (not the one where Shakespeare came from!), Stratford is in East London. Some events (for example football) being held throughout the UK - some games are held in a different country (Scotland) from that which host the main games (England).

Which country will hold the Olympic Games in 2012?

They are being held in the United Kingdom (GB) in 2012.

Why are the Olympic games being passed onto London again?

The Olympic games are being passed onto London during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as London are next to host the Olympics in 2012.

Where abouts in London are the 2012 London olympic games being held?


Where are the 2012 olympic games being held?


Where are the olympic games being held in 2012?


What are the names of the stadiums where the events in the London Olympics are being held?

34 Venue - City of Coventry Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Wembley Stadium

Where are the US track and field trials going to be held for the upcoming Olympics?

The track and field athletics events are being held at the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2ST

Where and when are the winter olympic games being held this year?


Where is the 2012 summer Olympic games being played?


In which city are the 2012 Olympic games being held?