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In childhood sports are important to get rid of excess energy and foster team spirit. As we get older, into youth, sports become more competitive and demanding. In adulthood sports are a form of relaxation, but also big business.

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Q: Why are sports important to us?
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What sports is very important to us?

Basketball, and football are the two main sports important to us

Why were sports important in the 1920s?

sports is important because it helps us stay fit and healthy

Why sports is important in US?

because people in the US are all obese and the only way to loose weight is to do excercise that why sport is important in the USA

What is the most important annual sports event in the US?

The NFL Superbowl.

How are both sports and studies equally important?

Both Studies and sports are important at there places studies are important as they help us in our future they may help us in getting a good post as nowadays companys look for people who are well educated studying will make us well educated and smart Many of us love sports we should play any sport to get away from the other work in our life. playing a sport will keep us fit and refreshed.

What are the most important sports of the US?

football and baseball and basketball for sure hockey isn't as famous

Why is it important on helping us understand achievement motivation in sports and exercise?

To stay fix and healthy

Give and explain six reasons why it is important to study educational psychology.?

i think studies and sports both are important. they both help us

WHY practice is important in sports?

Practice is important in sports because if you do not practise you will not be so good sports compitition etc.

Which is more important school or sports?

sports and school both are important if u are well educated and have the knowledge about sports than u can lead ur study and sports at a same time so both are important

Why sports and games are important for us?

We need exercise to make your body fit and healthy. If you do not exercise, you will get fat and lazy.

What role did sports play in American culture in the 1920's?

It had an important role on alot of people, and change alot for us now today and this society, im glad we have sports today...

Why sport is important?

sports are important because you get strength and it is fun. you have to work out or then you are not gonna have energy in your body that's why sports is important

Why are sports traditions important in your country?

Ha! EASY! I live in America (North) and there are many different sports (basketball, soccer, etc). they are important because it gives us something to do instead of lying around on the couch ALL day. We also like watching them.

Why are sports important to us human?

Sports have been important to humanity forever. It's a form of contest and friendly rivalry that originally avoided wars. Now sports is huge industry and advertising is a driving force

What is the goal of physical education?

Physical education help us to develop our mental awareness, skills in sports, and for us to be aware on how being physically fit is very important.

Are sports and games equally important as studies essays?

sports are equally important as studies beacause you would be fat if you didnt have them

Why are sports so important in your world today?

Sports are important because you can stay healthy and stay in shape. :)

Why are sports important to American culture?

The most important sports to American culture are football, baseball and basketball.

Why is selective attention important in sport?

It is important in sports because playing sports requires different skills. Learning and practicing the use of skill enhances performance in the sporting activity. Now, when we are new to a sport, we tend to ignore important facts and skills of the sport. Hence, selective attention helps us to ignore unnecessary factors and concentrate on important factors involve with the certain sport. It is important for athletes to learn skills without frustration or disturbances and gives us the ability to focus and concentrate even more.

Why is muscular endurance important?

muscular endurance is very important for those people who love to play sports. it will help you daily lives tasks way more easier. it is also really important because it will help us do many and be able to play different sports. hope this answer you question if not i am very sorry I'm not an expert...

Is the greek sports the same as the US sports?

Yes and no. There are some Greek sports in the USA sports.

Why is team sports important?

team sports are important because they teach you to work with others to achieve a common goal

Why the sports are important?

sports are important for the health, psychical and mental . they help take aggression and keep people fit

Why are individual and dual sports important?

Individual and Dual Sports important because by playing it, you have to enhance yourself of what field of games you can carry on. And in individual sports as a player you have a chance to show your ability as you can.