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They work out your body and make you stronger. They get rid of excess fat and keep your heart healthy.

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Q: Why are sports a healthy activity?
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How can lifetime sports benefit you?

Physical Activity is important to staying healthy

How do sports keep you in shape all the time?

By running, activity and keeping your heart healthy.

Why to hate sports?

Well you shouldn't hate sports because sports is a serious physical activity that will keep you fit and healthy the rest of your life! amen!

How are sports healthy for you?

sport is exercise, physical activity, helps you lose weight and get in good shape (:

Is an example of a vigorous activity?

Vigorous activity refers to aerobic activity. This is exercises such as running, swimming, playing ball sports, or other activities that make the heart rate race. Vigorous activity is healthy, however it is unhealthy when done in excess without rest or recovery.

What do they do at a sports physical?

check and make sure you are physically healthy to participate in activity required for a sport.heart conditiong, ligaments, corridination, and respretorial abilities

Sport is a greatly overrrated activity. how far do you agree?

It is overrated, but without sports people would not be healthy and get really fat and die

What is the differences between sports and games?

sports is where you get physical activity games is where you don't get enough physical activity

Can sport have sacraments?

Absolutely not. Although sports of all kinds are a very fun, and healthy activity, they are still secular activities, not religious in any way.

Is wii sports a good exercise for a 190 pounds?

It's beTter than nothing and it is healthy for a video game but I would recommend outside or gym activity.

What types of sports do you play in gym?

Doing at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity is enough to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

I'm a teen and i was wondering if there any exercises sports i can do to get taller?

Lols!! Many! Basketball (Jumping)! Tennis (running).... Actually all sports! Because if you move around a lot you will grow because of healthy physical activity

Why is baseball healthy for you?

Physical activity

Why is school important for sports?

if your interested in sports then you can do some activity after school

What is an Activity about Guatemalan sports?


Is sports not healthy?

Sports are actually very healthy, you see sports not only help you loose weight but get active. Also if a friends notices you play sports not only will the take the rold after you, it will become a chain reaction. With all the over weight people sports has taken a huge change in life. SO YES, SPORTS ARE HEALTHY!!

What are two strategies for healthy weight gain?

Physical Activity and a healthy diet.

Is sports healthy?

yes it is good for our health .BE HEALTHYBE COOL IN LIFE

Do guys like girls who don't do sports?

well i do sports and my husband loves that i am healthy and do sports!

What is the relation between sports and health?

sports activity is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to health

Do sports people have to be healthy?


Why should you be comitted to sports?

to get healthy.

Can sports make you strong and healthy?

Yes, sports can make you strong and healthy becauase the build muscle to make you stronger. But, so can eating right and having a healthy lifestyle.

What is the most popular activity in Scotland?


Is defacting a healthy activity?

Poop is healthy because is digested food that leaves the body