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It is overrated, but without sports people would not be healthy and get really fat and die

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Q: Sport is a greatly overrrated activity. how far do you agree?
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What is the boringest sport in the world?

There really isn't an answer to this question. Since some people don't like certain sports and some people like certain sports. But if this question was what is the boringest sport in the world in your opinion. I would have said football I think golf is the most boringest sport because all you do is swing! I agree but not the football part

What is the most unpopular sport?

well you dont hear a lot about Lacrosse, but i think it will be a big sportt in the future I agree about lacrosse. There are many sports that have a regional appeal that are not exposed to the rest of the country or world that would probably have a higher popularity if they were. I don't know that there is an 'unpopular' sport.

How can team selection in any team sport promote or detract nation building?

Sport can create or support nation building in the following ways: sport creates sportsmanship - it brings people with differences together sport can support nation building by providing Infrastructure for the economy fans consist of a variety of different people - sport enables them to come together and agree on something sports or sporting events brings people of different races, cultures and ethnics from all over the world together

Do scholars agree that sports are institutionalized forms of play?

Yes, scholars agree that sports are institutionalized forms of play.

Where did the sport come from?

To begin with the word "sport" is from old French meaning "leisure". There is evidence to say that China started of the first sport as far back as 4000 BC, but there has been monuments found which include Fishing and Swimming which were found in Egypt which could suggest Egyptian's started it off. Other Egyptian sports included javelin throwing, high jump, and wrestling and also it has been said that Persian's started it off with polo and jousting. But the most popular country to have been favoured is Greece and also Greeks introduced the Olympics. So in answer to your questions...... No-one knows exactly where sport is from but I would say it is from Greece because of all the evidence but i know there are others who would agree. Hope this helps and it was what you were after!!

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Definition of Anti-Sport?

Anti-sport is defined to be someone who opposes a particular sport. It can also be someone who does not agree with a certain policy of sport.

NASCAR rocks Do You agree?

Best sport ever.

Is cheerleading a sport in America?

I would say that cheerleading is in fact a sport because it includes physical activity and stimulates the heart.And also, if you think about it, weight-lifting is considered a sport, and they lift weights......but cheerleaders lift PEOPLE....which requires more strength. So, YES it is! i definetly agree with that... cheer is way more of a sport than alot. if you don't like cheer, and don't think it is a sport, try it out, and then come and tell me.

Sport is a greatly overrated activity. How far do you agree?

That is entirely false. Sports show not only the physical fitness of someone but also the mental strategy and toughness. To say sports are overrated is like saying that sleep is overrated. People who don't play sports or that aren't good at them, probably like you, say that to get peoples attention. Don't judge all sports either. There is one out there for you somewhere.

Do you agree that sport can contribute towards a sense of national unity?


What is basketball a good sport?

Well most people think that it is a fun sport to play so I might as well agree with them. Yup, it's an excellent and popular sport.

What is the best ball sport in the world?

Basketball, Cricket, baseball, Rugby... (You have to agree with me! )

Do all scientists agree that global warming is being caused by human activity?


Do you agree that retailing has flattened the world?

No, an activity can not intrinsically change the shape of the planet.

What makes softball a sport?

Softball is a sport, although some people may not agree it is. Softball is everything baseball is, just for girls.

Do children and teenagers hate age restrictions?

Hate is such a strong word... dislike greatly, I would have to agree with...

Management can be thought of as a process a discipline a human activity and a career Discuss.?

"management can be thought of as a process, a discipline,a human activity and a career".do you agree?

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