Why are ski's waxed?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Skiers must use the wax that is best suited for the temperature on the day they wish to ski. Each different color of wax represents a different temperature range. Use the color that matches your temperature range. Read the packaging to see which colors represent which temperature ranges.

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skis are waxed to reduce the friction with the snow and therefore if there is less friction then the skis will go faster.

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The color code is used to simplify the choice of ski wax and represents the temperature at which the wax is most effective.

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Q: Why are ski's waxed?
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Are skis sharp?

Skis perform a lot better when the bottoms are waxed and the edges are sharpened.

Can you use a candle to wax your skis?

i just waxed my skis with a candle that i melted with an iron onto the skis scraped and smoothened the surface..tested the skis on slopes.seems like my skis made a squeeking sound on the snow..but all in all it worked well

An 80kilogram skier slides on waxed skis along a horizontal slope of snow at constant velocity while pushing with his poles What is the horizontal component of the force pushing him forward?

40 newtons. give the explanation of this

Will a heavier couch with wider and longer skis attached to the bottom travel faster down a hill than a lighter couch with skinny skis?

Yes, the extra weight of the couch will give it a greater maximum velocity, as well as rate of acceleration, on and off-piste. Longer and wider skis means a greater area of contact with the snow, causing greater acceleration: Provided the skis are reasonably waxed/ prepared. If the ski bases are dried out, they may actually slow you down, since a dry ski base will have a braking, friction effect.

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