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The coach can stand there because if she starts to fall the coach can grab her and not let her fall to the groud

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Q: Why are coaches allowed to stand beside competing gymnast during routine on uneven bars?
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Why do gymnasts raise their arms above their heads when they have finished their routines?

This is called a "salute". Gymnasts salute the judges before and after their routines. This signifies to the judge that the gymnast is ready. Before the routine, the judge will salute the gymnast (either by raising one arm or turning on a green light) letting the gymnast know that the judges are ready to watch his/her performance; then the gymnast will salute back letting the judge know he/she is ready to perform the routine. If the gymnast starts the routine before the judge salutes, the routine is not scored. After the routine, the gymnast will salute to let the judge know that the routine is finished and they can stop judging the performance.

Do level 7 gymnasts make up their own routine?

yes. level seven and up is called optional gymnastics and the gymnasts and or their coaches or a choreographer make their routines using skills that the gymnast does best on. under level seven the routines are standard and each gymnast does the same skills.

How touse routine word in sentence?

The gymnast practiced her routine for hours before the competition.The child follows the classroom routine without difficulty.Reading a book together is part of our bedtime routine.The officer was shot during a routine traffic stop.

What is a good example of thinking without language?

A gymnast mentally rehearsing the moves of a floor routine prior to doing it.

What are the values of Gymnastics?

Each gymnast has a different starting value according to the difficulty level of skills he/she will perform in the routine.

Is a routine important in cheerleading?

well if you are competing yes very because that is what you show the judges to try and place

What sport does a gymnast do at the Olympics?

Gymnastics, which is broken down in to Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampoline.

What are the rules of Olympic gymnastics?

Olympic gymnastics, nowadays, goes by FIG rules. This is the elite scoring system which does not follow the 10.0 score. Instead there is an execution score and a difficulty score. The execution score is out of 10 and shows how well you did your routine. What you do wrong in your routine (bent legs, a fall, etc.) goes toward the execution score. The difficulty score is made up of the bonus points for all the difficult skills you did in your routine. Each skill is graded from A-G and has a certain amount of bonus tenths for each. The gymnast's actual score, in the Olympics, is the combined of the two scores. This is what determines who wins, who got the highest, in the Olympics. There is no perfect score because it depends on the difficulty of the gymnast's routine. A single gymnast could get a 15 or a 16 or maybe even an 18. Again, it all depends on how difficult the routine was and how well the gymnast completed it. bla bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla bla bla bla blabla bla bla bla bla bla blsa

What was the music used for 2008 olympic gymnast Lukins in the exibition routine tonight?

Song off of Anastasia the Disney movie Once upon a December

What is the most tumbling passes in a routine?

That definitely varies. Most coaches try not to pack so many into one routine because there is also artistic work to be done such as dancing and jumps as well. It can vary though, ask your coach!

How long does a level seven BEAM routine have to be?

I assume you are asking about a floor routine? If so, usually between one minute to one minute and twenty seconds.

How do you do the level 4 bar routine?

The female gymnast should stand in front of the bar, perform a glide swing (legs can be in a pike or a straddle) and return the legs to the floor. Her arms should not come off of the bar before she performs a pull over with straight legs. The gymnast should not jump before the pull over either. After the pull over, the gymnast should perform a front hip circle, then a cast, and put the favored leg through both arms. Then the gymnast should lift the body up (shoulders back and legs straight) and perform a stride circle. After the stride circle, the gymnast should turn her body to the bar opposite the way it was before (for example, if the gymnast was facing north when starting the bar routine, she should now be facing south)and swing her straight leg over the bar and be back at a front support. Now the gymnast can perform a cast, then back hip circle and an underswing dismount. Then salute the judge!