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When boys and girls get to be about 13 years old, the boys generally become stronger and faster. As a result, most of the girls would not get much of a chance to play.

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Q: Why are boys not allowed to play on a girls team?
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How many boys are allowed to play in a girls netball team?

boys can't play in girls netball teams unless it is a mix team.

Are boys and girls allowed to play on the same team sports in qatar?

i belive they do.

Do they have a Clear reason for Girls not to be allowed to play football on a Boys team?

They gonna get hurt

Why are boys allowed to play field hockey?

the most common reason is that a team cant get enough girls so boys have to play

Are girls allowed to play on boys middle school basketball team?

yes some schools do that.

Should girls be allowed to play on boys sport teams?

Girls should play in boy's sport team because many girls become leaders of the boy's sport team

Should girls be allowed to play on boys' sports teams if no girls' team exists for that sport?

well partly yes because everybody of whatever sex should be aloud to play whatever sport they like but if it is a boys team then only boys should be aloud on it why not create your own girls team or change the existing team to a girls and boys team ? i hope you found my answer useful :)

Should girls and boys be allowed to play on the same sports team?

yes they should and it would be discreamanation

Can girls play on a boys soccer team if there is already a girls team?

Yes, girls can be on a boys soccer team even though there is a girls team already.It really doesn't matter.

Can a girl be on the school football team?

It depends on the school district. There have been cases in the past where girls have petitioned the school board to be allowed to play on the boys team if the school does not offer a girls team

Why shoulg boys and girls play sports together?

boys and girls should play sports because they can work as a team

Should girls and boys be on the same team?

Absoloutly. Girls and boys should be treeted as equals, therfor if the team is REP or an AAA team, than girls and boys should be aloud to play on the same team. Girls on my team can beet up any boys team our age. Why Not?

Why should girls not be allowed to play on boys team?

girls would just slow down the boys......Ignore what the a hole that wrote the answer on the left side of the dots. Its just segregating the boys from the girls because they DOT want to get there asses kicked by girls plain and simple.

Why should boys and girls play on the same team?

yes if the girls are hot blondes

Can girls play on a middle school boys soccer team?


Can boys play with girls in a middle school soccer team?

Yes, they can.

Why should boys and girls not be on the same sport team?

Girls shouldn't play on boys sports team because boys are too aggressive and have more power than girls.Also girls might be to dramatic when they get hurt,and boys might be paying more attention to the girls on their team then in the game.

Should girls be allowed to play on sport teams along with th boys?

If the sport is a contact sport, than no. Sports like basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. require different genders to play separately.yes/no. yes because girls can be as athletic as boys BUT, there are some girls that just aren't that athletic. at times, the boys can be way better than the girls so noI'm 13 and boys at my school who find basketball too hard, like me, are allowed to play netball in the same gym class as the girls. The girls are often better at it than me. So I think boys and girls can play on the same netball team.

Should girls and boys be allowed to play on the same athletic teams?

AnswerNo. Because there is a different skill level between boys and girls and if girls wanted to play on the same team or league they shouldn't complain if boys go hard on them. If they didn't do that everything would be fine.AnswerWhen they're younger, yes. But as boys reach puberty, they gain muscle and weight that most girls never develop. If a girl can hold her own against the boys at any age however, she should be allowed to play.Answermy school let my play on a boys hockey team. I played JV boys hockey in 7th and 8th grade and now ima freshman and they wanted me up on varsity.yes, for the girls who are tough but no for the girls who worry about their nailsthis ya boy nicholesreginal from Powell but girl should not be allowed to play on the same as the boy because they could get seriously get hurt peace outt

Why boys and girls should not play on the same sports team?

Boys and girls shouldn't play on the same team because boys would most likely be more aggressive then the girls, so the girls would get injured. Also because if the boys and girls are teenagers the boys would most likely be more fit and athletic so they would over power the girls and it wouldn't be fair to them.

Is Co-Ed soccer when girls and boys play on the same team?


How many girls play a sport on a boys team?

sometimes like 2

Should girls be allowed to play on a boys sport team?

ummm NO.... ^ I highly disagree with the answer above. Yes. Girls should be allowed. I was the quarter back on an all male football team and I have a trophy to prove it. Girls might actually be a great contributor to the team in dealing with girl's highly skilled multitasking ability that men sadly do not have. Thank you! there is to much discrimination between boys and girls on the same sport team. I am writing a persuasive on this. I know girls are just as tough. My nine year old sister is going to play football cause I believe in her.

Can girls play boys lacrosse?

Yes they can if there is not a girl's lacrosse team for that age group. This is like a 3rd grade girl playing on a boys team because the only girls lacrosse team is 5th grade and up. Generally in high school or above girls cannot play- there would play on another high school's girls lacrosse team.

Both boys and girls should play on the same sport team why or why not?

It depends on how much contact is in the sport and the age group. For example, lacrosse is separated into boys and girls because boys are allowed to check(hit). It depends on the age group because as kids, boys and girls are usually the same size, but guys usually are bigger.