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Yours then your opponents.

It is the serving team's score first and then the opponent's score.

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Q: Whose score do you call first in volleyball?
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When calling the score in volleyball whose score do you call first?

When calling the score before serving, the server calls out his/her teams score followed by the score of the opposing team

How do you call the score in volleyball?

You announce the serving team's score first, and then the receiving team's score. This happens right before a team serves.

When you are the serving in tennis who's score do you call out first?

You always call your score first when you are serving.

Who must say the score in volleyball?

In the absence of a referee or score keepers on the side, typically the person serving the ball would call out the score before they serve.

When serving in tennis who's score do you call out first?

The server's score is called first.

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There are 6 volleyball positions and they are they Forwards and three back. You can call them Three attackers and three defenders.

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Can you call 2 timeouts in a row in volleyball?

Yes, it is legal.

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What is obstruction in volleyball?

In volleyball, an obstruction is a call made by the reff when he/she is unable to determine the outcome of a certain play due to a player obstructing his/her vision

What is line judge in volleyball?

It is people who stand on opposite ends on the court in volleyball. They call whether the ball is in or out of the court deciding who gets the point.

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a double hit.

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