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In 1895, volleyball was first invented.

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Q: What year did they start playing volleyball?
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When did women start playing volleyball?

Women started playing Volleyball probably shortly after the men

When did Logan tom start playing volleyball?

Logan Tom started playing volleyball in public school.

What year did men start playing volleyball?

In 1895 William G. Morgan developed the first game of Volleyball. In 1896, the first official game of Volleyball was played at Springfield College.

Why did volleyball start?

Willam G. Morgan invented volleyball in 1895 when he was playing with his friends..

What age can you start playing volleyball?

2 years old

Why does the score in volleyball start at 4?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

What will i do after not playing for 20 yrs volleyball and now you want to play again volleyball?

Have the right mind-set, and start training again.

What is the playing court in volleyball?

The court that you play volleyball on

Is volleyball a famous sport?

Volleyball is quite a well known and popular sport. Children all around the world start playing variatiations of it when they are very young.

How long after high school does it take to became a professional volleyball players?

Well, you can be a volleyball player in college but then after college (if your really good) you can start playing professionally.

What year did volleyball start?

The game of Volleyball was invented in the year 1895 by a YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) physical education director called William G Morgan.

When does high school volleyball season start?

High school volleyball is a fall sport and usually begins about mid way through the school year.

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