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the first Filipino played volleyball in the Philippines is Tero HakaSe...

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Q: Who was the first person to know volleyball in the Philippines?
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Famous volleyball team?

I don't really know but if you want worldwide I don't have the answer but if you're looking for a famous volleyball team here in the Philippines I can only give you my school's volleyball team! The Familian Spikers!

What is the proper adjective for Philippines?

Oh come on if there is a person that came from the Philippines you better know this. IT IS A PHILIPPINO.Filipino

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---- i dont know i never played volleyball before ---- i dont know i never played volleyball before ---- i dont know i never played volleyball before ---- i dont know i never played volleyball before

When was the game of volleyball started?

I dont know when it started but I do know the first game was played and invenetd in Holyoke, Massachusetts

What was volleyball originally know as?

volleyball was origganally known as minonet

This person assists the referee in volleyball?

The umpire assists the referee. If you need two people( like I do... :D ), I don't know the second person.

How do you know if your good at volleyball?

You know if you're good at volleyball by practicing. When you serve it overhand and you do 10, you also know you are good when everyone you play loses to you. Watch out for the volleyball scouts, they might want you for their team.

When was Australian Volleyball played?

All I know is that Volleyball originated In the United States in 1996

How did the inventor of volleyball die?

he was hit in the head with a volleyball. ironic, i know. but someone had it out for him i guess!

What do the volleyball coaches need to know about volleyball?

Volleyball coaches need to be able to know a lot.You need to know ALL of the different hits that are illegal and legal hits to do in an actual volleyball game.You need to know different formations in volleyball. Especially important for high school coaches to be able to identify different plays and formations.You need to be able to know how to do practice drills and how to get the practice drills incorporated with the actual volleyball skill.Those are the most important things a coach need to know. There are many more things out there though.

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