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manny pacquiao will fight miguel cotto Nov. 14, 2009

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Q: Whos's the next fight of manny pacquiao?
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Who will Floyd Mayweather fight next?

Floyd Mayweather will probably fight Manny Pacquiao. If Mayweather does not fight a top ranked opponent, he will lose credibility as a top contender.

Who is manny pacquiao next opponent?

it appears to be the tough ghanian Joshua clotty.

Who is manny pacquiao's next opponent?

it's wbo welteweight champion miguel cotto, scheduled for 14 November at the mgm grand, las Vegas.

When is next pacquiao fight?

Unfortunately, Joan Guzman is messing up his career and relinquishes the chance to beat Pacquaio, which he could undoubtedly do. Next is Mayweather or even his countryman, Donaire.

Who will be Many Pacquaio's next opponent?

manny will probably fight mayweather jr next if mayweather wins his bout between juan manuel marquez

When Pacquiao defeats Cotto in the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight should he face Mayweather next?

There's no one left so I guess he should. Besides, that mouth-fouled trainor and father of Mayweather Jr. should be given a lesson.You can watch Pacquiao vs Cotto Video here:

Does Floyd Mayweather Jr has more earnings than Manny Pacquiao?

Mayweather by far: First of all, Manny is known for having one of the worst contracts in boxing, where management takes ~27% of his earnings. Mayweather is known for keeping ~100% of his earnings. So not only does Mayweather earn a lot more, he actually keeps it while Manny shells out a big portion to other people. Mayweather De La Hoya was the largest PPV earning fight ever at $120MM, which earned Mayweather ~$25MM. The next closest PPV earning was Tyson Holyfied 2 at $35MM, so there is no way Manny Pacq has done numbers anywhere close. Mayweather earned ~$11MM for the Hatton fight and $25MM for De La Hoya... That's $36MM for his last 2 fights. Manny got ~$15MM for his De La Hoya fight and ~12 for the Hatton fight, or $27MM. If you factor in the actual payouts from that, Mayweather is over $16MM richer than Pacq in the last 2 fights alone.

When is Don Frye's next fight?

When is Don Frye's next fight?

When is brock lesners next fight in UFC?

his next fight is with mark colemen

Is manny pacquiao the greatest boxer of all time?

To answer your question, YES he is. He is the fighter of the decade & he will probably be the fighter of next decade if he continues what he is doing. He will end his career a heavy weight and beat all the best fighters in each division...starting with Mayweather all the way to Butter Bean....

What is the episode of Degrassi the next generation called where Craig defends manny from peter?

The episode of Degrassi in which Craig defends Manny from Peter is "Weddings, Parties, Anything."

When is prince naseem next fight?

his next fight is on 21 Febuary 2010. It is at the o2 areana in London

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