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me! i will pay 60,000,000 dollars if you find me

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โˆ™ 2012-05-10 15:07:57
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Q: Who would buy old baseball cards in great condition of popular baseball players for a top dollar price in Columbus Ohio?
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What are some of the most popular baseball players today?

Here are some popular baseball players, to name a few:Derek JeterAlex RodriguezCarlos BeltranTroy TulowitskiMariano RiveraTim LincecumBrian Wilson

What are the most popular numbers for baseball jerseys?

Usually baseball players have all sorts of numbers. Some of the most popular include number 8 which Cal Ripkin wore; 21 which was worn by five different popular players.

Is a babe popular?

yes, he was one of the best baseball players in the united states!

What is the most popular baseball glove for major league players?

the brown ones

Do pro soccer players get a ring for winning a championship?

No, Soccer Players Don't get Rings because it's not a popular sport like Football,BasketBall, and Baseball.

Why don't pro softball players do not get paid as well as pro baseball players?

Professional softball players are paid less than professional baseball players because softball is not as popular as baseball. Baseball has a much bigger market in the economy, as proven by the baseball stadiums, playing cards, t-shirts, and hats. Because of all the profits that these things generate, they are able to pay their players more. Softball does not have this kind of publicity, and there for the money that flows into the organizations involved in the sport do not draw as much money either. Because they do not draw as much revenue as the baseball organizations, they are not able to pay their players as much as baseball players get paid.

What is the most popular sport played in the Dominican Republic?

i would say baseball seeing how they have so many great players

What is the most popular sports played in Puerto Rico?

Baseball is one of them, a lot of MLB players come from Puerto Rico.

Who are the most popular Italian soccer players?

Cannavaro and Totti are the most popular Italian soccer players

When did baseball players start wearing helmets?

Baseball helmets became popular in the 1950s although wearing a helmet at bat was not made a mandatory rule until 1971.

Which European country plays the most baseball?

Baseball is extremely popular in the Netherlands. In addition to having many leagues of their own, the country has produced many MLB players.

What is the most popular sport in Venezuela?

Baseball is one of the most popular games played in Venezuela. Venezuela is known to produce some of the most skilled baseball players in the world for instance Luis Aparicio. The national Venezuelan Baseball team is one of the most competent teams that plays world-class baseball. Many of the Venezuelan players have been employed by Major League teams in Northern America.

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