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Darin Erstad

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Q: Who wore number 17 for the angels?
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Who wore number 9 on the California Angels?

Del Rice

What number did Jerry Remy wear for the angels?

He wore #2.

Who wore number 61 for the Angels?

The only player to wear the number 61 for The Angels was Relief Pitcher Mike Bovee in 1997.

Who wore the number 16 for the Los Angeles Angels?

Garret Anderson

What is Chris Iannetta's number on the Los Angeles Angels?

Chris Iannetta is number 17 on the Los Angeles Angels.

Who wore number 17 for man united?


Who wore Mancunian republic 2010-2011 season jersey number 17?

Luis Nani wore jersey number 17 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

What number did Derek Sanderson wear when he played for the Boston Bruins?

16 and 17. He wore 16 prior to his stint in the WHA. Upon his return to the NHL he wore number 17.

Who wore baseball number 34?

Nick Adenhart of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. R.I.P.

What number was wendel clark when he was a leaf?

Wendel wore number 17 with the leafs

Who wore number 17 for ny jets?

Braylon Edwards

Who wore jersey number 17 for the ny jets in 1970?

According to, there was no player who wore number 17 on the active roster of the 1970 New York Jets.