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Wendel wore number 17 with the leafs

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Q: What number was wendel clark when he was a leaf?
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What is Wendel Clark's birthday?

Wendel Clark was born on October 25, 1966.

When was Wendel Clark born?

Wendel Clark was born on October 25, 1966.

This former Toronto maple leafs left wing had his number retired by leafs on November 22 2008 who is he and what is his name?

The player is the best leaf ever and that is Wendel Clark

What is the name of Wendel Clark's restaurant?

It is called "Wendel Clark's" and is at Interchange Way in Vaughan.

Who is the leafs overall number one draft pick?

Wendel Clark

How old is Wendel Clark?

Wendel Clark is 44 years old (birthdate: October 25, 1966).

How many NHL teams has wendel clark played for?

Wendel Clark has played for 6 different NHL teams

When Wendel Clark played for leafs?


How much is an autographed 1990 Wendel Clark O-Pee-Chee Hockey Card Card number 79 worth?


How much is a wendel clark sined stick worth?


When did Wendel Clark retire?

he retired following the 1999-2000 season

Did wendel clark die?

nope hes stiil going stong.