Who won the premiership in 2008?

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Q: Who won the premiership in 2008?
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Who won ALF premiership in 2008?


Who won the 2008 afl premiership?

The Adelaide Crows. Scores were: Adelaide 15.15.105 to North Melbourne 8.22.70 Despite the resounding final score in Adelaide's favour, the Kangaroos were actually quite well ahead at half time! North kicked only 2 goals after half time and a stack of behinds.

Who won the 2008 nrl premiership?

Manly Sea Eagles

What football club won the premiership 2008?

Manchester united

Who won the 2008 premiership Liverpool or man utd?

Manchester United FC

Which Club won the Guinness Premiership in 2008-2009 season?

Leicester Tigers

Which two aflvfl level from 1897-2008 have never won a premiership?

Fremantle dockers

In which season did man united win the double?

Manchester United have won the Premiership and FA Cup Double twice, in 1994 and 1996. Manchester United have also won the Treble of Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League in 1999. They also won the double of Premiership and Champions League in 2008.

Who has won premiership more?

Manchester United has won the Premiership the most times.

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?