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Leicester Tigers

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Q: Which Club won the Guinness Premiership in 2008-2009 season?
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Which football club has won more trophes in the 20082009 season in the world?


Which premiership club received the most red cards last season?


What club has the most red cards in the English premiership this season?

Hull City

The club with the highest number of red cards in the premiership this season is?

It is man u

Who is the only player to have played for the same premiership club every season since the premiership began?

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United

Which is the best football club 20082009?

Manchester United and Liverpool.

What is the maximum number of games a premiership football club can play in one season?

38 games.

What footballers were the number 4 shirt for their club in the premiership 0809 season?

Steve Sidwell wears number 4 for Aston Villa.

Who won the premiership in 2009?

Manchester united

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

Who is the only player to have played for the same club since the premiership began?

Ryan giggs man utd scored in every season as well

What premiership club has conceded the fewest goals in the premier league history?

chelsea 2004/2005 season, they conceded only 15 goals