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That was not the 2010 national championship matchup. If you're talking about the Iron Bowl rivalry game between Auburn and Alabama, then Auburn defeated Alabama in that game last year. The 2010 NCAA National Championship Game in football was won by Auburn against Oregon.

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Q: Who won the national championship Alabama vs auburn 2010?
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Who won the national football championship in 2010?

Auburn Tigers

Who won the national championship in 2010?


Who will be the home team in the 2010 BCS national championship game?

auburn tigers

What university won the 2010 ncaa football national championship?


What is the probability of Alabama winning a national championship in football?

As of Nov 3 2010, they have a 3% chance of playing in the National Championship Game.

When was the last time auburn beat Alabama?

November 26, 2010, Auburn 28, Alabama 27.

Why is it that Auburn fans get more excited over football games than Alabama fans?

Auburn hasn't won a championship since 2010 so they have show some emotion

Who will when the game in 2010-2011 between Alabama and auburn?

The defending national champions will have no problem handling a very mediocre auburn tiger team this season.

Who is winning right now-Auburn or Alabama in the 2010 game?


How many BCS national championships has Auburn won?

AnswerThe Auburn Tigers have won one national championship in the BCS era of college football, which came in 2010, when #1 Auburn defeated #2 Oregon 22-19 in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game in Glendale, Arizona. Auburn University officially claims two national championships overall:1. 1957 (10-0; AP)2. 2010 (14-0; BCS)

Did university of west Virginia win a national football championship in the past 4 years?

No; an SEC team has captured the BCS national championship (since 2007) for the past 5 years; Florida (2007, 2009) on two separate occasions, LSU (2008), Alabama (2010), and Auburn (2011)

When is the Texas vs Alabama 2009 championship game?

The National Championship game between Texas and Alabama will be January 7, 2010 at 8PM EST.Citi BCS National Championship GameTexas vs. Alabama Pasadena, Calif.Rose Bowl Jan. 78 p.m. ABC/ESPN Radio

Who has won the most games between Alabama and Auburn?

Alabama 40 auburn 34 1 tie as of nov 26 2010

Who won the 2010 NCAA football championship?

Auburn Tigers

What teams did Alabama lose to in 2010?

South Carolina and auburn

What time does Auburn and Alabama play 2010?


Who is going to the 2010 BCS championship game?

Probably Oregon and Auburn

What is the overall history of win to loss of Alabama vs auburn?

As of the end of the 2010 season, Alabama 41, Auburn 34, and 1 tie. RTR

How many national championships has Alabama played in?

One. January 7, 2010. They beat Texas 37-21, winning the national championship.

What 2 teams from the same state has won back to back national football championships?

Alabama for the 2009 season and Auburn for 2010 season.

How many national championships has the University of Auburn won in football?

Auburn won national championships in 1957 and 2010.

How many NCAA football championships has University of Auburn won?

The NCAA recognizes five national championship seasons for Auburn in their record book (1913, 1957, 1983, 1993, 2010). Auburn University only claims the 1957 (AP) and 2010 (BCS) seasons as national championships. However, the Auburn Football Media Guide also recognizes the 1913, 1983, 1993, and 2004 seasons as national championships.

Head coach at both Alabama and auburn?

Nick Saban is the head coach at Alabama, and Gene Chizik is the head coach at Auburn. (sep.29 2010)

What was the score to the Auburn vs. Alabama game in 2010?

It was Alabama-28 to Aurburn-29! :) WAR EAGLE :)

Who will be the 2010 BCS National Champions?

auburn tigers