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On November 23rd, Alabama beat Auburn 24-23.

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Q: What was the score the 1996 Alabama and auburn football game?
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What is Auburn University's football record against UAB and what years have they played?

Auburn and UAB have met only once in college football, that being on August 31, 1996 at Auburn. Auburn won 29-0.

What years has auburn university play Fresno state in football?

1996 was the only season the two schools played with Auburn winning, 62-0.

When did ncaa football stop tie score games?


How many football games has Auburn won when Auburn have 30 or more points?

In the 14 seasons between 1997-2010, Auburn scored 30 or more points in 67 games and won every one of those games. The last game they lost when scoring 30+ points was November 16, 1996 by the score of 56-49, in four overtimes, to Georgia at Auburn.

Where did Clemson's head Football coach come from?

Dabo Swinney had been a wide receivers coach with Clemson, since 2003, before taking over as head coach in 2008. Prior to that he was out of football and working in real estate in Alabama. Swinney was born in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from the University of Alabama in 1993. He was a receivers coach at Alabama between 1996-2000.

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Alabama Thunderpussy was created in 1996.

What was the University of Alabama 1996 football schedule?

09-24-1966: Alabama 34, Louisiana Tech 0 10-01-1966: Alabama 17, Mississippi 7 10-08-1966: Alabama 26, Clemson 0 10-15-1966: Alabama 11, Tennessee 10 10-22-1966: Alabama 42, Vanderbilt 6 10-29-1966: Alabama 27, Mississippi St. 14 11-05-1966: Alabama 21, Louisiana St. 0 11-12-1966: Alabama 24, South Carolina 0 11-26-1966: Alabama 34, Southern Mississippi 0 12-03-1966: Alabama 31, Auburn 0 01-02-1967: Alabama 34, Nebraska 7 (Sugar Bowl)

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What was the date of the famous UGA jumping at Auburn player picture?

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