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Kane did but Undertaker almost had him if Kane didn't turn the match around at the last min.

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Q: Who won the match between undertaker and Kane at night of champions?
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Did the undertaker win at night of champions?

No Kane won the match cleanly, no cheating.

Who won between Kane and undertaker at night of champions?


Did Undertaker beat Kane at Night of Champions 2010?

Not in 2010No, at Night of Champions 2010, Undertaker lost.

Who won in night of champions Kane vs undertaker?

Kane won at Night of Champions.

Is Kane going to win against undertaker at night of champions 2010?

Everyone expects undertaker will win so by my personal opinion and the general custom of wwe Kane will win the match

Is undertaker going to win at night of champions against Kane?

He lost.

Did undertaker die last week?

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

Who wins the match between Triple H and cm punk at night of champions?

Triple h wins

Which match did Kane beat the undertaker?

1. Kane vs undertaker no. 1 con. match (1998) at King of the ring with Austin. 2. Kane defeated him in a fatal four way match 1998. 3. Kane vs undertaker at Night of Champions World Championship 2010. 4. Kane vs undertaker at hell in a cell 2010 world champion ship. 5. Kane vs Undertaker at Bragging Rights buried alive match for World Heavyweight championship. Totally five times.

Will the Undertaker get revenge and a world tile shot at night of champions?

Yes he will win and get revenge because will he the undertaker and there supposed to have a rematch at hell in a cell

Who did undertaker defeat for the world heavy weight championship at wrestlemania xxiv?

You mean XXVI (26). The Undertaker didnt fought for the title that night. It was a brutal Streak vs. Career match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

Was john Morrison in the night of champions?

i was at night of champions and there was a bonus not aired on tv match that was ted dibiase vs. john Morrison and john won

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