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Everyone expects undertaker will win

so by my personal opinion

and the general custom of wwe

Kane will win the match

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:39:15
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Q: Is Kane going to win against undertaker at night of champions 2010?
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Is undertaker going to win at night of champions against Kane?

He lost.

Who won undertaker or Kane at night of champions?

The undertaker wins as he is a legend!! :) and Kane lost against Randy Orton soo... he ain't gunna win against the UNDERTAKER!! Love Bobbina and Megan

Who won in night of champions Kane vs undertaker?

Kane won at Night of Champions.

Did Undertaker beat Kane at Night of Champions 2010?

Not in 2010No, at Night of Champions 2010, Undertaker lost.

Did undertaker die last week?

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

Who won between Kane and undertaker at night of champions?


Who is Dolph Ziggler going to defend the US Championship against at Night of champions?

No one

Did the undertaker win at night of champions?

No Kane won the match cleanly, no cheating.

Will the Undertaker get revenge and a world tile shot at night of champions?

Yes he will win and get revenge because will he the undertaker and there supposed to have a rematch at hell in a cell

Who won the match between undertaker and Kane at night of champions?

Kane did but Undertaker almost had him if Kane didn't turn the match around at the last min.

What will happen at night of champions 2010?

Kane will go to Guatemala and buy pinol and undertaker will win a tortilla

Will undertaker beat Kane at night of champions?

Kane beat him though at hell in a cell he beat him though!!

Who will the WWE Tag Team Champions defend the titles against at night of champions?

David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Where is WWE night of champions 2010 going to be at?

rosemont Illinois

Can Mark Henry become new World Heavyweight champion at Night of champions 2011?

yes he is the number 1 contender and will get his title shot against Randy Orton at night of champions 2011

Who won the match against Triple H and cmpunk AT NIGHT OF champions?

Triple H

Is Night Of Champions 2011 in Phila?

No. It's going to be in Buffalo, New York.

What channel is Night of Champions 2010 going to be on?

In the UK on sky sports/hd 3

Will the Undertaker go to TNA?

No. Kane was going wild on Friday night. He was like crazed! he said the taker was brutally attacked. undertaker is still on the roster so. IDK

Will Shawn michaels be back soon to monday night raw?

yes in 2010. at wrestle mania 25 against undertaker was hurtful undertaker had a neck injury and Michael's (something is broken)

When was Night of Champions created?

Night of Champions was created in 1978.

When are tickets for WWE Night of Champions 2010 go on sale?

They are going on sale July 30th.

What channel is night of champions?

what channel is Night of Champions

What is the name of the song from Night of Champions WWE?

what year of night of champions?

Is Undertaker stronger than Kane?

The Undertaker, The phenom is stronger! Undertaker lost to Kane at night of champions then Hell in A cell followed by A buried alive match. The reason why this is is because Undertaker needed more time because he still had some injuries wearing on him espically his shoulder, He will return before wrestlmania and challange Kane I guess and regain his holy grail the world champion!And get his revenge on the Nexus. otherwise undertaker would have won all three of those paper views....... UNDERTAKER 4EVA