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Q: Who won the gold medal in the womens Giant Slalom in skiing at the 1998 winter Olympics?
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How many medals did Uzbekistan win in the 2010 Olympics?

0. Uzbekistan was represented by three athletes at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. 1) Oleg Shamaev - finished 42nd in mens' slalom alpine skiing and 77th in giant slalom alpine skiing. 2) Anastasia Gimazetdinova - finished 23rd in ladies singles figure skating. 3) Kseniya Grigoreva - crashed out of womens' slalom alpine skiing and did not finish.

Who won the womens giant slalom gold medal in the 2006 winter Olympics?

Julia Mancuso of the United States.

Who won the womens slalom at the Olympics 1998?

Hilde Gerge

Who were the gold medal winners of the 2006 Winter Olympics in ice hockey?

Sweden won in the mens competition and Canada won the womens competition.

Who won 1924 winter olympic medal for womens figure skating?

Herma Szabo of Austria won the gold medal in Women's singles in the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

Who won the figure skating at the vancover winter Olympics 2010 and where did they come?

for womens= Yu Na Kim from Korea for mens= Evan Lysacek from USA

When did womens ice hockey become an olympic sport?

In July of 1992, it was deciedd that women's hockey should take place in the Olympics. The first games of women's olympic hockey started in the 1998 winter olympics.

Is there Womens weight lifting in the Olympics?


What was the first game for womens in olympics?

The first game that held in oiympics for womens is boxing .

Who won the most medals in womens downhill skiing?

Trude Jochum-Beiser

When was womens soccer first played in the Olympics?


What sport was introduced to the Olympics this year?

Womens boxing