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for womens= Yu Na Kim from Korea

for mens= Evan Lysacek from USA

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Q: Who won the figure skating at the vancover winter Olympics 2010 and where did they come?
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When did figure skating start being played in the Olympics?

Field hockey was added to the Olympic summer program in 1908. It was removed in 1924, for lack of a governing international body, but readded in time for 1928 and has been played at every Summer Games since. Women's hockey was also added in 1980. Ice hockey was added to the Olympic summer program in 1920. It was then moved to the winter program in 1924 and has been played at every Winter Games since. Women's hockey was also added in 1998, after IOC approval in 1992.

Which of these sports has a long program as part of the Winter Olympics?

There are 15 winter sports events that were announced to be apart of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The eight sports categorized as ice sports are: 1. Bobsled 2. Luge 3. Skeleton (the sport) 4. Ice Hockey 5. Figure Skating 6. Speed Skating 7. Short Track Speed Skating 8. Curling The three sports categorized as alpine skiing and snowboarding events are: Alpine Skiing Freestyle Skiing Snowboarding The four sports categorized as Nordic events are: Biathlon Cross Country Skiing: Ski Jumping Nordic Combined For more information see:

How many years has figure skating been in the winter Olympics?

Figure skating has been in the Winter Olympics since 1924 the first game in France

What sports are a part of the winter Olympics?

figure skating

Can anyone enter in the winter Olympics for figure skating?


What are two traditionally Winter Olympic games that at one time were in the Summer Olympics?

Figure skating and ice hockey. Figure skating and ice hockey debuted in the Olympics before the creation of the Winter Games. Figure skating's first Olympics was 1908 and ice hockey's was 1920. The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924.

When was figure skating in the Olympics?

Since the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

Who won 2000 winter Olympics figure skating?

There was no Winter Olympic in 2000.