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haha im first

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Q: Who won the burney gymnastics competition?
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Who won first place in gymnastics?

Please specific which competition and which year.

Is a gymnastics 'meet' a competition?

Yes, A gymnastics meet is a competition. It is just another word for a competition.

How has Australia performed in event of gymnastics over the history of the olympic games?

Australia has not won a medal in gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have won a silver in trampoline. That was by Ji Wallace in men's trampoline competition at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

What country won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in women's gymnastics?

The United States in the team competition.

Who won gold in the 2004 Olympics for gymnastics?

Carly Patterson won the gold medal for the Individual All-Around competition at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Who won the silver medal in the women's all round gymnastics competition at the Beijing Summer Olympics this year?

Shawn Johnson of the United States.

Did Alessa Caballero do bad in gymnastics competition?


What year did Kerri Strug win a gold medal?

Kerri Strug won gold in women's team competition (gymnastics) at the 1996 Games in Atlant

Has chili ever won a medal in gymnastics in the Olympics?

No, not only has Chile not won a gymnastics medal ... they have never sent an athlete to the Olympics to compete in gymnastics.

Where is the Burney Library in Burney located?

The address of the Burney Library is: 37038 Siskiyou St., Burney, 96013 1328

Who won the 2000 Olympic Women's gymnastics medal?

Romania won the gold Team Final in gymnastics in 2000.

How would you execute a Hecht jump in a gymnastics competition?

you wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!

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