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The winners in Lightweight Women's Double Sculls are:

  1. Gold: Ilse Paulis and Maaike Head of Netherlands - 7:04.73
  2. Silver: Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee of Canada - 7:05:88
  3. Bronze: Wenyi Huang and Feihong Pan of China - 7:06.49
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The bronze medal in the Women's 10 Kilometer Open Water event at the Rio 2016 Olympics was awarded to Poliana Okimoto.

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Donata Vistaraite and Milda Valciukaite of Lithuania won the bronze medal in women's double sculls at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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Q: Who won the bronze medal in women's double sculls at the Rio 2016 Olympics?
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What do the evers swindell twins do in the Olympics?

Womens Double Sculls Rowing. They won gold by 0.01 of a second.

How many gold metals did new Zealand win in Beijing Olympics in 2008?

New Zealand won 3 gold medals at Beijing in 2008 * Womens double sculls * Womens shot put * mens sailboard

Achievements of the evers-swindell twins?

Gold 2005 Gifu Double Sculls Gold 2003 Milan Double Sculls Gold 2002 Seville Double Sculls Silver 2001 Lucerne Double Sculls Silver 2001 Lucerne Quadruple Sculls Silver 2007 Munich Double Sculls Bronze 2006 Eton Double Sculls They also won gold in the womens double sculls in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic games. Georgina and Carolina Evers-Swindell also received the Westpac Halberg Team of the Year in 2008. This award recognises a single New Zealand athlete - or in the Team of the Year, 2 - annually for their outstanding sportsmanship throughout the year along with the achievements they have made that year. In December 2008 Georgina and Caroline Evers Swindell were awarded the Lonsdale Cup. This cup is awarded by the New Zealand Olympic Committee to the athlete/s who make the most outstanding contribution to a sport in the Olympics. They also won this in 2003.

Has the us womens field hockey team ever won a medal in the Olympics?

Once, a bronze at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

What world championships did Georgina Evers-swindell win?

Georgina Evers-Swindell won gold in the double sculls with her twin sister Caroline at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. She and her sister also won gold at the 2002 (Sevilla, Spain), 2003 (Milan, Italy), and 2005 (Gifu, Japan) Rowing World Championships in double sculls. 16/08/08 10:01 Woop! Woop! They Just Won GOLD in the 2008 Oympic Womens Double Sculls by 1/100 of a second over the Germans. An Excellent recovery from their bad start to protect their world champ status- by a gnats whisker! What a performance by the Golden girls! R055

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