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The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

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Q: Where was the 2004 edition of the ICC champions trophy held?
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Where was the 2004 edition of the icc champion trophy held?

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

Where was the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy held?

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

Where is the next ICC champions trophy 2013?

ICC champions trophy was held in England and Wales in 2013.

In which country is next icc champions trophy to be held?

it is held in india

Where was the first ICC Champions Trophy held?


How many years the ICC Champions trophy held once in a year?

in 2 years but was not held in 2008 and then held in 2009 and after that last in 2013

Was there any year when the England premier league trophy presentation held on an away ground of the champions?


Where was the 2004-5 uefa champions league final?

The 2004-5 U.E.F.A final was held in Rome.

Who are the current Champions?

Spain is the current FIFA World Cup winner, they defeated the Netherlands 1-0 in the final of the 2010 edition held in South Africa.*As of 2012

What is the material of icc 2011 world cup trophy?

It has a height of 60 cm. The ICC Champions trophy is made up of materials like gold , silver. The trophy has a globe made up of gold and this globe is held up like hands by 3 rods made up of silver

In which country the IPL is held?

In 2008 ,the 1st edition was held in India and the 2nd edition in 2009 is being held as South Africa..

Which two teams competed in the 2008 champions league final?

Chelsea and Manchester United competed in the 2008 CL Final held in Moscow. Manchester United defeated Chelsea in penalty shootouts to win their third trophy.