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The Ohio State buckeyes won the Big Ten Championship in 2009

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Q: Who won the Big Ten football championship in 2009?
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Who will win the big ten football championship in 2012?

Michigan Wolverines!

Did Indiana ever win a big ten football championship?

Yes, in 1945 and 1967.

How many teams ard in the Big Ten in college football?

There are ten football teams in the Big Ten, which is why it's called the Big Ten.

Who will win the 2011 big ten championship?

The Wisconsin Badgers won the 2011 Big Ten Championship over the Michigan State Spartans.

Who won big ten championship wrestling 2011?

Penn state won there first ever big ten championship 139 to 138 against Iwoa

Can Ohio state play for big ten championship?

No, but they can win their division just not the championship

Did Purdue ever win the Big Ten football championship?

Yes. They won in 1918, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1943, 1952, 1967 and 2000.

What is the meaning of Big Ten Football?

Big Ten football refers to the Big Ten Conference in NCAA college football. The division is based in the Midwestern United States containing teams from universities such as Iowa and Michigan.

Is there a minimum number of teams to have a conference football championship game?

yes there is a minimum number of teams to have a conference championship game. i might be wrong, but i believe it is 10. the big ten will no longer have a conference chapionship game.

When did the Green Bay Packers become a big ten team?

The Green Bay Packers are not a Big Ten team. The Big Ten is a conference in college football. The Packers are a professional football team in the NFC (National Football Conference).

What Big Ten team was the last to win the NCAA championship?


Why doesnt the Big Ten Conference have a Championship Game like the other big Conferences in College Football?

The Big 10 conference does not have a title game due to there being only 11 teams. On an interesting note the Ohio State/Michigan game has determined the champion between themselves a total of 23 times. The game has also affected the outcome of the Big Ten championship an additional 24 times.

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