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Yes, in 1945 and 1967.

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Q: Did Indiana ever win a big ten football championship?
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Has Syracuse football ever win the big east championship?

Twice. In 1997 and 1998. They also shared the title in 2004.

Who won the Big Ten football championship in 2009?

The Ohio state buckeyes won the Big Ten Championship in 2009

How big is the football European championship trophy?

1864m and 1356m

Which division was Indiana's 2005 football team in?

Big Ten

Who won the 2010 big east championship in football?

Connecticut won the Big East championship going 5-2 in their conference.

Who will win the big ten football championship in 2012?

Michigan Wolverines!

Did Purdue ever win the Big Ten football championship?

Yes. They won in 1918, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1943, 1952, 1967 and 2000.

Has Oklahoma State University football ever played for a Big 12 Conference game?

If you're asking whether they have ever played in the Big XII conference championship game, the answer is no. But the conference has only existed since 1996.

Has Oklahoma state won big 12 championship in football?

No. Through 2009, their last conference championship was in 1976 as Big 8 co-champs.

When was the last time minnesota won the big ten in football?

1967 when they were Big 10 co-champions with Indiana.

Who won big ten championship wrestling 2011?

Penn state won there first ever big ten championship 139 to 138 against Iwoa

Two Big Ten teams faced each other in the 1976 NCAA Championship game Who are they?

Indiana And Michigan

How many big ten championship has Michigan football won?

To date, Michigan has won 42 Big Ten titles

Which college football conferences have championship games?

The Big 12, SEC, and ACC have conference championship games; the PAC 10, Big East, and Big 10 do not. I found the answer here:

Which Big Ten football team does Purdue have the highest winning percentage against?

Indiana (.657)

How many big ten football championships has Indiana won?

They have won two, in 1945 and 1967.

Who won the NCAA football championship in 1995?

NCAA doesn't list or recognize big school football championships. But the #1 team in the polls was Nebraska.

What kind of basketball team does IU have?

Indiana University has a men's basketball team that is known as the Indiana Hoosiers. It competes in Division 1 of the NCAA league, and plays in the Big Ten Championship.

What is the big event in American Football?

The super bowl When the two best teams in the NFL face off for the championship!

Has kansas state ever won a national championship?

No the Kansas State basketball team has never won a national championship. Kansas State won the Big 12 conference championship in 2013.

How big can spiders get in Indiana?

In Indiana spiders can get as big as 38 mm.

Who won mens big east in 2009?

Cincinatti won the Men's Big East Football championship in 2009 and played in the 2010 Sugar Bowl against the Florida Gators.

How many ncaa division 1 football conferences have championship games?

The SEC, Big East, Big 12, Pac 12, C-Usa, Big 10 does so therefor 6 confrences

How big is Indiana?


Is there a minimum number of teams to have a conference football championship game?

yes there is a minimum number of teams to have a conference championship game. i might be wrong, but i believe it is 10. the big ten will no longer have a conference chapionship game.