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Q: Who won the 2010 NFL championship between the colts and chargers?
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What is the history of Chargers vs Colts?

For the past 5 years,right now 2010, Chargers have won 4 times, and the Colts have only won once

Who is going to the playoffs in 2010-2011?

chargers ,colts, vikings, steelers,cowboys and giants

Who played in the AFC championship game in 2010?

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets 30-17 in the 2010 AFC Championship game.

Who was in the AFC Championship game that was played in 2010?

The Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets.

Will the chargers win the 2010 Super Bowl?

Probably, their only main competitor are the colts, who they beat last year.

Who is going to the Super Bowl?

For 2010 the Saints and the Colts will be playing.The winners of the championship games on January 24th: the Jets at the Colts, and the Vikings at the Saints.

Who played in the AFC Championship game on January 24 2010?

In the AFC Championship game played on January 24, 1010, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets 30-17.

Who is better in 2009 and 2010 the jets are the colts?

The Colts

Who is playing in the 2010 NFL playoffs?

The teams that are playing in the NFL playoffs are colts, chargers, titans, steelers, ravens, dolphins, eagles, vikings, falcons, cardinalds, giants, and the panthers.

Who will be in the NFL championship in 2010?

Personally how I see it, it would probably be Saints or Colts or Vikings vs Giants or Eagles still its to early at the moment to know.

Who is the Colts head coach of 2010?

Jim Caldwell is the head coach of the Colts in the 2009-2010 season.

What is colts colors?

Phuk the colts. saints for superbowl 2010 baby!

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