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Joe Flacco in 2009 - lost in AFC Championship game to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Mark Sanchez in 2010 - currently playing in AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts

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Q: What rookie quarterback was closest to reaching the Super Bowl?
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Any rookie quarterback loss in a Super Bowl?

No, because no rookie quarterback has been to the super bowl.

Rookie qb to start a superbowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever started in a Super Bowl game.

Was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback a rookie when they won the Super Bowl in 2003?

No, a rookie quarterback has never won the Super Bowl. The Bucs starting QB in Super Bowl XXXVII was Brad Johnson who was 34 years old.

Who was the first rookie quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

It has never happened.

Who was the first rookie quarterback to go to the Super Bowl?

It has never happened yet.

Was there ever a rookie qb to finish a Super Bowl game?

No rookie Quarterback has ever competed in the Superr bowl as a starter.

Would Colin Kaepernick be the only rookie QB to not start the season and win a Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever started or won a Super Bowl. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick won't change that statistic because he is a second-year player. Kaepernick was a second-round draft pick the 49ers in 2011. As a rookie, he saw limited action as a backup to quarterback Alex Smith.

What was Tom Bradys biggest game?

Probably Super Bowl 36 because he was basically a rookie quarterback in the Super Bowl against a Rams team that was really good

Who are the quarterbacks who have gone to the super bowl as a rookie?

No rookie starting quarterback has ever taken their team to the Super Bowl. Four rookie quarterbacks have made the Championship game (Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Shaun King) but all have failed to lead their respective teams to the NFL's promised land.

Has a rookie quarterback ever gone to the Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever reached the Super Bowl. Two second year quarterbacks have taken their teams all the way and won Super Bowls in their first year as the starter. This feat was first accomplished by Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams, followed by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

What NFL records do the Pittsburgh Steelers hold?

Yougest starting QB to win the Super Bowl.Most regular season wins by a rookie quarterback (13)Highest passer rating for a rookie (98.1)Highest completion percentage for a rookie (66.4)Longest regular season win streak to start a career (15)

When was Super Rookie created?

Super Rookie was created on 2005-03-23.