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Real Madrid defeated Barcelona by a single goal,scored by a Ronaldo header.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-26 13:33:43
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Q: Who won against real Madrid vs fc Barcelona on 21.4.2011 final?
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Who will win in La Liga final Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Barcelona 3-0 Real Madrid.Barcelona won

Who scored Barcelona's winner in the 2012 Spanish Super Cup Final against Real Madrid?

Real Madrid won on away goals, as it was a two-legged final and finished 4 - 4. In the leg that Barcelona won 3 - 2, Xavi scored their third goal, which put them 3 - 1 up at the time.

What team did Barcelona beat to reach the 2010-2011 champions league final?

Real Madrid.

What year did Barcelona play against arsenal in the final of the champion's league and won 2 to 1?

Barcelona played Arsenal in 2006 final, Barcelona won 2-1.

When did Barcelona lose 11 1 against real Madrid?

Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11 - 1 in the second leg of the Copa Del Rey semi-final of the 1943 competition - on June 13. Having lost the first game of the two-legged affair 0 - 3, Real Madrid won 11 - 4 on aggregate. They went on to win the competition.

Who did sol cambpell play for and against in champions league final?

played for arsenal and it was against Barcelona

FA Cup Final 2009?

It was Barcelona with a 2-0 score against Manchester United

What was Cristiano Ronaldo's last game with Manchester United?

The champions league final against Barcelona in 2009.

Who was refferee for champions league quarter final in Barcelona when Barcelona played in the 1988?

Barcelona didn't reach the quarter final in 1988.

How long did Barcelona possessed the ball during the European champion league final against Manchester united?

Barcelona held possession with the ball for which they are famous for, it was 67 percent.

Who was the first player to be sent off in a Champions League final?

Jens Lehmann, for Arsenal against Barcelona in 2006.

When did Manchester united last lose a game?

3-1 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League Final at Wembley.

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