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At the Champions League 2011, Barcelona won.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-19 21:38:42
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Q: Who won Manchester vs fc Barcelona?
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Fc Barcelona vs ac Milan all results?

fc barcelona vs milan results?

Who is Barcelona derby?

The Barcelona derby is FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

What team won the UEFA league in 2009?

Barcelona of Spain. The game was Barcelona VS Manchester United, where Barcelona won 2-0: Eto and Messi scored. Barcelona played much better than Manchester United and they deserved it.

Who won the uefa champions league in 2009?

Final = Barcelona Vs Manchester United Winners = Barcelona 2-0

Who has won champions league?

No one has won the Champion league yet Semifinals: Manchester United Vs Arsenal Barcelona Vs Chelsea

Who won in the game inter Milan vs fc Barcelona?

In the Champions League first leg it was Inter Milan 3 - Barcelona 1.

Who won the Manchester vs. barcalona final champions league 2011?

The match was won by Barcelona with a 3-1 score.

Who won against real Madrid vs fc Barcelona on 21.4.2011 final?

Real Madrid defeated Barcelona by a single goal,scored by a Ronaldo header.

The final score with fc Barcelona vs inter milan?

5-0 to Barcelona !! GO BARCELONA

How many champions league finals have Manchester united been in?

I make it four: 1999 (won vs Bayern Munich), 2008 (won vs Chelsea), 2009 (lost vs Barcelona) and 2011 (lost vs Barcelona again). Plus they won the final of the Champions League's predecessor, the European Cup, in 1968.

Chivas VS Barcelona Who won the game?

Barcelona won 5-2

Where did the Champions League Final 2011 take place?

Wembley Stadium, England FC Barcelona vs Manchester United May 28, 2:45 pm

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