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Jenson Button became the F1 world champion in the year 2009. He drove for the Mercedes GP Team. He won a total of 6 races that season and was on the podium 9 times totally. Also he won 6 out of the first 7 races and was on the podium in all the races. This helped him build up a good enough lead in the championship standings to fend off the late season charge from both red bull and McLaren

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The 09 Formula One World Constructors' Championship was won by Brawn with a Mercedes engine.

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Sebastian Vettel won the 2010 F1 World Championship. It was his first World Championship win.

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Q: Who won 2009 formula one drivers championship?
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Who won the 2009 Formula One drivers championship?

It was jenson button

Who won the 2009 Formula One World Championship?

Jenson Button

How many drivers have won a Formula 1 World Championship in their debut season?

No one till now has won a World Championship in their Debut

Who was the first formula one world drivers champion?

The first Formula One World Championship was won by Italian Giuseppe Farina in his Alfa Romeo in 1950

First F1 championship is at?

The first Formula One Championship race (for which drivers were competing for a title) was in May 1950 at Silverstone and was won by Nino Farina in (I think) an Alfa Romeo

When did Formula One Championship Edition happen?

Formula One Championship Edition happened in 2006.

Which formula 1 driver BMW won the 2007 championships?

The 2007 drivers world championship in formula 1 was won by Ferraris Kimi Raikkonen. He beat both Mclaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso by one point at the end of the Brazilian grand prix. BMW drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica did not win the 2007 championship.

Which British Racer won the 2009 World Championship in formula 1?

Jenson Button is the British racer who won the 2009 formula one drivers world championship. He was driving for the Brawn GP f1 team. He won a total of 6 races and finished the season with 95 points to win the title. Sebastian Vettel, driving his Red Bull finished second with 4 wins and 84 points that season

Who won the 1970 Formula One World Championship?

Jochen Rindt driving for the Lotus Ford team won the formula one drivers championship in 1970. He had a total of 45 points and won 5 races during the season. He won the drivers championship even though he did not start or compete in the last 4 races of the season. Unfortunately this is the only F1 season where the title was awarded posthumously. Lotus Ford won the constructors championship as well.

Who won the 1981 Formula One World Championship?

Nelson Piquet won the 1981 formula one drivers championship. He had a total of 50 points with 3 wins. He beat his nearest rival Carlos Reutemann by only one point. Carlos had 49 points from 2 wins that season. Williams Ford won the constructors championship

Names of f1 champions of India?

Since it's inception in 1950, the FIA Formula One World Championship for Drivers has had no Indian champions.

Did heikki kovaleinen stay in mclaren for 2008 and 2009?

Yes. Heikki Kovaleinen stayed with McLaren during the 2008 and 2009 formula one seasons. He was moderately successful in his 2008 season where he finished on the podium thrice and also won one race. He finished the drivers championship in 7th place. The 2009 season was moderate and he did not manage any podium finishes and was able to manage only 12th in the drivers standings.