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Q: Who will win the AFL grand Final 2013?
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When did Adelaide win the afl grand final?


Will geelong cats win the AFL grand final?

probaly but cant tell the future

Which AFL leagues havent won a grand final?

Fremantle entered the league in 1995 and is the only club yet to win a premiership or play in a Grand Final

Did Western Bulldogs win the AFL Grand Final in 2009?

No! It was Geelong Cats that year. Bulldogs have only ever won one VFL Grand Final: that was in 1954.

What teams are playing in the AFL Grand Final 2008?

Hawthorn and Geelong will play in the 08 GF, Hawks will win!

Who will win the 2009 afl grand final?

collingwood are a great chance and they will flog any team carn the pies

Did any team win the afl grand final from bottom position previous year?

No, it hasn't happened. The closest was Collingwood which went from last in 1976 then drew the grand final in 1977. Collingwood lost in the grand final replay.

When did collingwood win the afl premiership last?

In 2010, against St. Kilda - they romped it home the second time, after a Grand final replay due to a drawn first Grand final.

How much prize money do you win for an AFL Grand Final?

As of 2016, $1 million (AUS) goes to the willing team.

What recent years did Geelong win the AFL grand final?

THIS YEAR - 2009! and two years prior (: (: 2007 and '09

Is Saint Kilda going to win the 2014 AFL grand final?

No my friend no way as hawthorn won the premiship title

How many grand finals has Hawthorn lost?

Hawthorn have lost 5 VFL/AFL Grand Finals;1963,1975,1984,1985 and 1987 from 16 Grand Final Appearances.Their last Grand Final appearance was in 2008 when they beat the 2007 premiers, Geelong by 26 points (18.7.115 to 11.23.89) to win their 10th VFL/AFL Premiership.

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