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The Undertaker definitely!

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Q: Who will win if a match is set between undertaker and goldberg?
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When will the undertaker become world heavyweight champion?

theyve set him up for a rivalry against cm punk because of him becomin whc at summerslam so at breaking point there will be a submission match between them and the undertaker will win

Why did the Undertaker say to Brock Lesnar So you want to do this?

Wwe is trying to set up a WM27 match with Taker and Brock. Possibly for Taker's retirement. NO, they weren't. The Undertaker and Lesnar had some sort of personal issue between each other.

How do you finish burn alive match?

A burned alive match is a special type of match in which the only way to win the match is to set your opponent on fire. Usually the ringside is surrounded by flames and if you can set any part of your opponent on fire, you win the match. Undertaker and Kane have been part of such matches.

Where can you watch match point?

Match Point Set Match Point Set

What is the average duration of a tennis match?

A normal 2 set match is usually between an hour and a half and two hours.

How do you make goldberg 2011?

To make Goldberg on Smackdown 2011 you need to go to Moves-Set 17. From there you can easily picture and create Goldberg so you can play him on Smackdown.

What happened in the match with the Undertaker and the Ortans at the last Main Event?

Undertaker lost and the Ortons: nailed the casket down, poured gas on it, and set it on fire! Although, the casket was later opened, and Undertaker wasn't in it. Undertaker is coming back someday, his contract last until June or July of 2007, and how can you kill a "Deadman?!" You can't kill something that's already dead! Hey Otrons RIP!

Who is returnig to WWE?

The Rock is set to return at Summerslam 09'! The big match is set to be Triple H, Batista and The Rock vs. Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes (legacy). It will be settledmin a Hell in a Cell elimination match. The Undertaker will return at Summerslam to take on Edge and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship>>>>>>>>>>Joey Styles

How do you say game set match in french?

jeu, set et match

Is it called a volleyball match or set?


Will there be a ryback vs goldberg match at WrestleMania 29?

If Goldberg returns early next year, then I would assume WWE will automatically set up a feud into a match at Wrestlemania 29. But first, Ryback has to remain undefeated! He can't lose to anyone or else those plans are likely to be cancelled. But, Goldberg himself has to be in great condition, sort of like the Rock, and the build-up has to be planned big, to where both guys are shown in promos and the match is credited as undefeated, even though Goldberg may have lost quite a few times. However, I doubt Goldberg would return as a full time wrestler, and they need Ryback considering he's an actual in ring performer, so I see Rybach winning this one! Now as for younger fans, most of them might not recongnize who Goldberg is, which is why they need promos to help build up the hype, if they successfully do this, it will no doubt be one of the greatest wrestlemania matches of all time!

What is game set match in tennis?

"Game, set, and match" is the term for the final point scored in a tennis match. It's effectively a shorthand for saying "that point ends the game, that game ends the set, and that set ends the match."

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