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Undertaker lost and the Ortons: nailed the casket down, poured gas on it, and set it on fire! Although, the casket was later opened, and Undertaker wasn't in it. Undertaker is coming back someday, his contract last until June or July of 2007, and how can you kill a "Deadman?!" You can't kill something that's already dead! Hey Otrons RIP!

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Q: What happened in the match with the Undertaker and the Ortans at the last Main Event?
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What happened to undertaker?

Undertaker is recovering from his match with Shawn Mickaels he is paralized i think it was edge who did it

What happened to undertaker after the buried alive match?

he will die

What happened to the undertaker at bragging rights?

He lost a buried alive match to Kane.

What happened too the undertaker?

He got hurt in a match and is now waiting for his injuries to heal

How much does the undertaker get every match?

Will the undertaker gets 2000 dollars a match

Did the undertaker and diesel have a match in 1994?

yes they had a WM Match Which Undertaker won !!

Did undertaker ever lost a wrestling match?

The Undertaker did lose a match and it was at No Way Out in 2003. It was Undertaker against the Big Show.

When and where was the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg and what are the details?

there was no match in which undertaker has gotten into the ring with goldberg.

Who won the match in undertaker and Triple H?

the undertaker

Who won the Punjabi match undertaker kahli?


Who was another undertaker?

brian lee played the other undertaker in undertaker vs undertaker match

Will Triple H return at WrestleMania 27?

The Game Triple H was already returned to WWE on February 21, 2011 at Monday night Raw event and challenged The Undertaker a match at WrestleMania and Undertaker accepted his challenge and made their match as No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania 27

What happened to WWE Shawn Michaels?

He lost a "Career VS Streak" match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26.

Who will try to kill undertaker?

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.

Triple H vs undertaker?

undertaker won the match.

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


Who won undertaker and hhh match in WrestleMania 27?

the undertaker

There was a match undertaker vs undertaker why does every one say that there is only one?

It was Undertaker vs Imposter Undertaker.

What is the best match in WWE?

the best match in wwe is wrestlemania 25 when Shawn Micheal's and undertaker had a match and undertaker won! that match whont be for long when Shawn will face undertaker again at wm Shawn putting up hi carrer and undertaker putting up hos winning streck

From where can you download the Summerslam 1994 Undertaker vs. Undertaker match?

Honnestly, this match was 100% hype, it was part of the double main event, this was the last match and immidiatly followed the Bret Hart V Owen Hart steel cage match which was excellent. Download Limewire....lets you download stuff for free click on the link to your right ----->

Can you meet WWE superstars after show?

Proprobley I have never been to a live wwe event but my friends have took a pic with the undertaker after a match

Who wins the ladder match between Jeff hardy and undertaker?

The Undertaker!

Who was the other undertake in the undertaker vs undertaker match?

Brian Lee

Who will win if a match is set between undertaker and goldberg?

The Undertaker definitely!

Who won the westlemania match between undertaker and cm punk?