Who will win India vs srilanka final match?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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India won the final match of 2011 world cup.India won world cup for the second time.India won by 6 wickets in the final.

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Q: Who will win India vs srilanka final match?
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Who wins in recent Twenty- Twenty match held in India?

India win's the recent Twenty-20 match held in India. Which is against Srilanka.

Who will win the Srilanka vs India series?


What was the name of the country do India defeat to win its first cricket test series?

No, India had lost the first cricket match with England.

Pakistan vs srilanka 2009 T20 final cricket?

Pakistan Win this final

What is a sentence using against?

Pakistan win cricket match against Srilanka.

Who was the 1st player to win the man of the match award in the semi final and the finals match of the World cup?

Mohinder Amarnath (India in 1983 World Cup)

Ganesha Who will win the India Australia ODI 7 match series?

India win tha macha

What if match in aliens and Indian cricket team?

if india practiced hard india will win

Who will win todays final match between kolkata and chennai?


Which country did India defeat in order to win this test match?


Against which team did India win its first One Day International match?

sachin made his debut odi century against australia in 1994 in colombo, srilanka scoring 110 at premadasa stadium i watched that match in srilanka!!!!!!!!the greatest fan of sir sachin..........

Who won the Man of the Match award in the 1983 Cricket World Cup Final?

The only Indian cricketer to win a Man of the Match award in the 1975 World Cup was Farokh Engineer, whose innings of 54 not out helped India to a ten-wicket victory against East Africa. The match was India's second of three in the tournament.