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Q: Who will win 2009 nba finals?
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Who is likely to win the 2009 NBA Finals?

The Lakers.

Who do you think will win the finals in NBA 2009?

Pampanga Dragons will win the 2009 MBA Title

How many championship rings for lamar odom?

He has two. The 2009 NBA Finals win for the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2010 NBA Finals Win, also for the Lakers.

Who will win the 2009-2010 NBA Finals series?

Only time can tell.

Did lakers win 2009 playoffs?

Yes, The Lakers have already won the 2009 NBA Finals.

How many NBA finals did the celtics win?

They won 17 NBA finals

Are the heat going to win the finals?

yes heat going to win the nba finals

Did the lakers win the 2009 finals?

Yes, the Lakers did win the 2009 finals.

Who will win the 2015 NBA Finals?

The Miami Heat. The Heat will also win the 2012,'13,and '14 NBA Finals as well.

Who will win 2019 NBA finals?

my dick

Did the Lakers win the NBA finals?


What do you get if you win the nba finals?

You get a championship ring

What NBA team has come back to win the NBA finals after being down three to one in the NBA finals?

No team has ever pulled off this feat in the NBA finals

Who will win the 2009 NBA finals?

the magic will win the nba finals in 7 games magic win 4 lakers win 3 magic will win game 7: score will be 113 to 116 lakers win in 5 Final Score will be 99-86 Lakers winning the championship

Who was 2009 NBA finals MVP?

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was the NBA Finals MVP.

When are 2009 NBA finals?

June 5

Who won the NBA finals in 2009?

The Lakers

What team is going to win the nba finals 2010?

lakers will win it

Who will win the 2016 NBA Finals?

Miami Heat

Is there a bonus for NBA finals winners?

Only if you win.

Does the winners of the NBA Finals win an award?


Will Yaoming win NBA finals someday?


Did the Orlando Magic ever win the NBA finals?


How many nba finals did lakers win?


Who will win 20011 NBA finals?