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Yes, the Lakers did win the 2009 finals.

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Q: Did the lakers win the 2009 finals?
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Who will win 2009 nba finals?


Who is likely to win the 2009 NBA Finals?

The Lakers.

Did lakers win 2009 playoffs?

Yes, The Lakers have already won the 2009 NBA Finals.

How many championship rings for lamar odom?

He has two. The 2009 NBA Finals win for the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2010 NBA Finals Win, also for the Lakers.

When was the last time the lakers went to the finals?

They went to the finals in 2008 and now in 2009. They did not win in 2008

Did the Lakers or Celtics win the NBA Finals?


Who will win the 2009 NBA finals?

the magic will win the nba finals in 7 games magic win 4 lakers win 3 magic will win game 7: score will be 113 to 116 lakers win in 5 Final Score will be 99-86 Lakers winning the championship

Lakers or magics would win the finals?

lakers in 6

Will the lakers beat the magic in 2009 NBA finals?

The lakers will beat the magics at the finals.

Did the Lakers win the NBA finals?


Who won the NBA finals in 2009?

The Lakers

Who won the 2009 basketball finals?


How many nba finals did lakers win?


Can the Lakers win the finals?

No. They can't beat the Spurs.

What team is going to win the nba finals 2010?

lakers will win it

Who did the Lakers beat in the 2009 finals?

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic 4 games to 1 in 2009 NBA finals.

What years did the lakers win the finals after shaq left?

The Lakers won the 2008-09 and 2009-10 NBA Championships, which were the first ones after the Shaq trade.

Who won the NBA western finals?

In 2009 it was the Lakers.

Who will win the finals in basketball?

Magic, of course! Just kidding, Lakers will win.

Who will win the Nba finals in 09?

The LA Lakers won.

Who do you think will win the nba finals in 2010?

La lakers

Will the LA Lakers reach the 2009 NBA Finals against the Celtics?

The Lakers made it to the finals, but against the Orlando Magic instead. The Lakers won the NBA championship.

Who will win the 2010 NBA finals?

cavs suck.the Lakers should win against the celticsEither the BOS Celtics or the LA Lakers

Did the lakers win the 1980 NBA finals?

Yes, the Lakers won the 1980 NBA finals against the 76er's...and the MVP of the game was Magic Johnson.

How many times did the lakers win the nba finals?

15 times