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Q: Who will go into the Europa league next year?
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Winners of the Europa league get automatic qualification into the champions league the following season?

No, they go into the group stage of the following season's Europa League.

Can a football club play in UEFA europa league and UEFA champions league at the same time?

Yes they can. In fact Ajax Amsterdam did it this year (2010/2011 Season). They where elimanted in the group stage of the Champions League and made the last 32 of the Europa League (as of today, they can still go further).

Does winning of fa cup qualify for champions league?

not any more:

If Newcastle finish 4th in the epl and Chelsea win the champions league does that mean Newcastle dont qualify for the champions league?

If Chelsea wins the Champions League, they will automatically be qualified for next year's no matter what their position is at the end of the season, and since the Premier League can only have four teams Newcastle would then not go to the Champions League but the Europa League, everything moving down one.

In pes 2010 in master league can you play the campions league in your first season?

At the start of the 1st season you are automatically into the qualifying rounds of the champions league, but if you go out of it without winning, you will have to come in the top 3 of your league E.g English league, ligue, etc. to play in it again next year, but if you come less than that you wont be in it. But atleast make sure you come 4th, because then you can go into the europa league. I hope this helps. :)

What happens if you finish 3rd in the europa league group stages?

you go home

Can the f a cup winner go to the Uefa champions league?

NO, the Uefa champions league is from league position places in each country not for cup winners. FA Cup winners go into the Europa League

In pes 10 if you finish 3rd in the group stage do you go into the europa league?

hman hman no you dont

which English teams qualify for uefa europa cup?

There are essentially seven places in European football available for the EPL. Top four get the Champions League, fifth gets the Europa League and the other two Europa League places go to the winners of the two domestic cups (League Cup and FA Cup) The "top six" do not automatically get European football. Lets assume that 1-4 qualify for the CL from their league position only (i.e. not as a result of winning it that season) and fifth place qualifies for the Europa League in the same way. If fifteenth in the League wins the FA Cup and say even a team from the Championship wins the League Cup then those are the teams that qualify. If the teams that finish in fifth and sixth have won both the cups, then a place in the Europa League (that vacated by fifth) goes to seventh. In simple terms, three teams qualify. Which teams they are depends on winners of the domestic cups. This season Chelsea won the FA Cup and have finished sixth, therefore they, Liverpool (who won the League Cup) and fifth place (whoever that may end up being) will qualify. Had Chelsea finished fifth, the sixth place teams takes their Europa League place. There is however, no 6th place Europa League qualifying spot.

What do you next after defeating Giovanni?

Go Slaughter the Pokemon league.

Do the top three fotll teams go into the europeon league?

In the English Premiership, the top two automatically qualify for the Champions League proper, whilst third and fourth place teams qualify for the Champions League qualifying rounds. The fifth team qualifies for the Europa League.

Is crystal palace going to go up to the premier league this year?

This club is not in the premiere league this year.